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Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur installs in-car ultraviolet air cleaning devices for traveling peace-of-mind, upgrading to a more clean riding environment

Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur installs in-car ultraviolet air cleaning devices for traveling peace-of-mind, upgrading to a more clean riding environment   Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur introduces ultraviolet air cleaners that act as a wellbeing…more

just arrived Brand new 5 door Chrysler 300 limousine for sale at American Limo Sales

Come to see what all the fuss is about at American Limousine Sales that has the best in luxury limousines for sale with easy financing and shipping anywhere.  You’ve seen the rest now come…more

National Limousine Association and Limousine Association of New Jersey Applaud New Jersey Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney’s Fight for Fair Labor

The National Limousine Association (NLA) and the Limousine Association of New Jersey (LANJ) applaud New Jersey Senate President, Stephen M. Sweeney for his support in sponsoring the bill, S-863, which follows a suite of…more

New Limo Legislation Strengthens Safety Standards

Ten new reforms and safety standards were signed into effect by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday, strengthening safety standards for limousine companies in New York State after the limo crash in Schoharie that killed…more

Party Buses For Sale by American Limousine Sales

Party Buses For Sale There are those moments in life that merit a party or a gig. Imagine failing to throw a gig during your birthday. That would be awful. Since we only live…more

Is the Cadillac Limousine for you?

  If your idea of a Cadillac is a plush-riding luxobarge, then the XTS is the Cadillac for you—although you really should hurry, since the XTS is being discontinued soon. With a 304-hp V-6, a six-speed automatic,…more

Get the Best Ride: Your Guide to Buying a Limousine for Your Business

We’re all familiar with how difficult the buying process is when purchasing a vehicle. But when you’re purchasing a vehicle for your business, it makes the process that much more difficult. Why is this?…more

5 Essential Things To Consider When Buying A Limo

Did you know that the 218-inch SUV limo has a sitting capacity of a whopping 24 passengers? This kind of limo is among the rare super-stretch luxury cars that awe car enthusiast. Limos have…more

Used Limo Sales Not A Dying Trend For The Foreseeable Future

Used Limo Sales – Not A Dying Trend It’s been ages since the advent of the stretch limousine. Almost an entire century back in the year 1928, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a limousine was…more

Cadillac Escala Price Should Reflect the Essence of Luxury

‘ Cadillac Escala Price Should Reflect the Essence of Luxury The Cadillac Escala price could be close to $100,000 if mass production begins in 2021. The Escala was introduced at the 2016 Pebble Beach…more

Starting a Business – The Complete 12-Step Guide

Starting a Business There are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur. You don’t necessarily need a college degree for starting a business. You don’t need a bunch of money in the…more

Bus Sales Near Me for Passenger and Party Buses

Bus Sales Near Me for Passenger and Party Buses After you type the words “bus sales near me” in the browser for a search engine, you will find several websites with information about passenger…more

Step on the Gas: How to Promote Your Limousine Company Both On and Offline

In only 5 years, the number of taxi and limousine companies in the US has grown by almost 30%. In a market worth $26 billion, it’s no wonder that more companies are entering the…more

The Mobile Mechanics

Mobile Mechanic A traveling mobile mechanic can fix your car Where You Are.      At Home or Your Place of Business Even Roadside Emergency Service Repairs. The Mobile Mechanics Of Dallas Texas, with…more

2006 Chrysler 300 – Taking A Look Back In History

2006 Chrysler 300 Taking A Look Back In History The 2006 Chrysler 300 is a front engine, rear wheel drive full-sized luxury car that was initially manufactured by the famous Daimler Chrysler which was…more

To Porsche or not to Porsche that is the question?

Dear Limo Lovers everywhere,  I know what  you are thinking. Is this another sales push? Well… it is so enjoy this Porsche story and give us a call to complain about it later. What…more

The Los Angeles Convention Center – Meet Us There

The Los Angeles Convention Center – Meet Us There ADULTCON LOS ANGELES LOCATION Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall B The Los Angeles Convention Center AdultCon #30 on the following dates and time. Here…more

Your Driver is Here! Starting a Limo Business Today

Starting a limo business. The revenue of limousine services in the US for 2018 reached 4.7 million dollars.  When it comes to special events and celebrations, nothing can compare to a limo to make…more

No Need to Warm Up Modern Vehicles in Cold Weather

It is now that season where the question many motorists are asking is… do I have to let my vehicle warm up or idle before driving? I’m here to ease your mind and let…more

7 Of the Country’s Top Limo Makes and Models

When looking for limousines, you are bound to come across a variety of models from many noteworthy manufacturers. These include an assortment of makes and models that have made these limos as special extended…more

Limo Sales Los Angeles – 5 Models Perfect For Partying

In The Market For A Limousine? A standard limousine is ideal for going to and from parties, but what about the in-between? To keep the party going the entire time, your limousine fleet needs…more

New Town Car Or Is This Just Another MKT?

We have been there and done that I know We thought that Lincoln stopped making the New Town Car due to it being too good.  I have seen them with 500,000 miles its crazy…more

Buying a Limousine Without Personally Inspecting It

Buying a Limousine Most buyers worry about buying a limousine without actually looking at the vehicle personally. If you are buying a limousine or sprinter for personal use then I would highly suggest you…more

9 Tips For Offering Hourly Limo Rentals

You can make a great deal of money off of your limo when you offer hourly limo rentals. These let you get to more people but you will have to watch for how you’re…more

8 Key Factors That Directly Impact the Value of a Limo

     8 Key Factors That Directly Impact the      Value of a Limo You might be amazed at the vast variety of different types of limos that are out there for your use. What are…more

What Is a Convertible Limo?

When you think of a limousine, the first thing that comes to mind is a vehicle with a long body and a solid top. You might think about the bar, entertainment features and fancy…more

Does Color Make a Difference For Limousines?

Does Color Make a Difference For Limousines? The physical appearance of a limo might not be something you think about when finding a good choice for your business needs. Even with this, it could…more

The Limo Bar – What Should You Get In It?

The Limo Bar The bar inside a limo can make for an attractive space. A great limo bar is a spot where people can enjoy getting some fine drinks in. This is a good…more

Tinted Windows Are Perfect For Limos

Tinted Windows Are Perfect For Limos The luxury of riding in a limo is great in that people can do all kinds of things in a limousine cabin without being seen by anyone. The…more

Limo Service Now Providing Taxi Service To Grow Business

     Limo Service Now Providing Taxi The Susquehanna Valley Taxi Cab Inc., owned and operated by Susquehanna Valley Limousine Inc., will be operational by Jan. 1 at the latest. Co-owner Chris Peifer, pictured here,…more

Tips For Handling Kids In Your Limousine Business

One of the best things about your limo is that you can transport literally anyone in your vehicle. You can even get kids into your limo if desired. A limo party with kids is…more

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners When it comes to finding places that you can bring your limo out to when picking up clients, no place is quite as useful as your…more

Party Bus Limo – What Makes It Unique For Your Business?

Party Bus Limo – What Makes It Unique? Think of the party bus limo as a much larger type of limousine. Granted, it is clearly different from a traditional limo, what with a party…more

Top Limousine Entertainment Features Make It More Marketable

Top Limousine Entertainment Features To many people, the concept of a fancy television set or high-end media system in a vehicle is a luxury. To anyone who has a limousine, it is a necessity….more

Choosing the Best Length For Your Limo business

When buying a limo, you will come across several options. These include different choices that come in a variety of lengths. You will find some limos that are relatively short but still spacious enough…more

Wedding Limo Owners – 10 Key Considerations

Wedding Limo A limo can be a great vehicle to have for a wedding. A good wedding limo is one that will provide the bride and groom with a luxurious place to be in…more

9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow

     9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow Regardless of the type of limo you drive, you can find a way to get the best limousine fuel economy if you take a look…more

Limousine Customizing Service Targets Your Needs

You’ve probably considered using a limousine customizing service before, but you might not have realized that the service is about more than just adding a few new features or changing the paint color. A…more

Stretch Hummers – What Makes Them So Great

Stretch Hummers It’s hard to deny how impressive stretch Hummers are as they cruise down the street. Happy passengers laughing with friends as they make their way to proms, weddings, concerts and clubs receiving…more

7 Vehicle Types Convert To Limousines

7 Vehicle Types Convert To Limousines Look at a busy parking lot and you’ll see the wide variety of vehicle types you can convert into limousines. While all of them won’t make the best…more

Stretching Your Limousine Can Add More Income

If your fleet is full of smaller limos, it might be time to start thinking about stretching your limousine. Having at least a few longer limos can help you add more income to your…more

Old Limousine Fleet? Why Custom Limousines Are Better

Do you have an old limousine fleet that’s not attracting as many customers as it used to? You don’t have to keep dealing with it. Instead, try custom limousines instead. Think of it as…more

Custom SUV Limousines – 7 Reasons To Build An SUV

Custom SUV Limousines Custom SUV limousines are gaining in popularity. While at one point, they were rare due to higher fuel costs, they’re making a comeback and passengers are loving them. You’ll still want…more

Limo Colors Change How Passengers Feel

Limo Colors Do you carefully consider your limo colors or do you stick with the standard black or white? As it turns out, the colors you choose could change how your passengers feel about…more

The History Of Limousines – A Must Read!

Have you ever wondered about the history of limousines? How did we go from personal vehicles to the stretch limos we see today? It’s something most of us take for granted, but limousines actually…more

Hybrid Limousines – The New Green Trend In Limos

Hybrid limousines might not be your first thought when it comes to luxury vehicles, but a green trend is emerging in the limo industry. What started as just a few novelty vehicles has turned…more

Choosing Limo Builder – Only Trust Experts

Choosing Limo Builder – Only Trust Experts. Choosing a limo builder involves far more than just seeing who offers the lowest price. You want a limo builder with experience and a good reputation in…more

7 Customization Options For Your Limo Build

     7 Customization Options For Your Limo Customize your limo. You have numerous customization options for your new limo build. Choosing what you want is the hardest part. The good news is we work…more

Custom Building Limousine Guide – What You Should Know

Before making any major plans for your custom limo, you need a custom building limousine guide. This gives you the insight you need to turn your creative vision into a truly luxurious work of…more

Win At Client Relations With These 3 Must Dos

You’ve built a stunning limousine fleet, but now how do you win at client relations? Limos are only profitable if you have clients using them. By knowing how to make your customers happy, they’ll…more

5 Vehicles That Make The Best Limousines

5 Vehicles That Make The Best Limousines If you’re considering stretching a vehicle for a custom limo, you might want to consider one of these five vehicles that make the best limousines. While they’re…more

How Tires Impact Your Ride: Everything You Need To Know

How Tires Impact Your Ride Have you ever thought about how tires impact your ride? On your personal car, you think more about price and safety. When it comes to limousines, you also have…more

Custom Limousine Design Ideas For Your New Build

Custom Limousine Design Ideas Coming up with custom limousine design ideas isn’t always easy. You might get stuck on what a limousine should look like versus what you want the design to be. The…more

Customizing Your Limo Fleet – 5 Advantages For Business

Customizing Your Limo Fleet Customizing your limo fleet might sound unnecessary. After all, every limo’s the same right? When limousines weren’t as common, it was fine if they were all the same. Today, it’s…more

Limousine Color Reflects Your Limo Personality

Limousine Color Reflects Your Limo Personality Choosing a limousine color is just as crucial to your brand’s success as the quality of the limo itself. While color isn’t something many consider that important, the…more

Limousine Accessories – New Limo Build Must Haves

Some limo owners don’t believe limousine accessories are that important. If the suit makes the man, then the accessories make the limousine. Without them, the limo is just a plain, long car. Who wants…more

Weirdest Custom Limousine Builds – 7 Limos Blow Your Mind

Weirdest Custom Limousine Builds Weirdest Custom Limousine Builds. We’ve gathered together some of the weirdest custom limousine builds to show you that nearly anything is possible. While you probably wouldn’t want your limos to…more

Buying An SUV Limousine – What You Need To Know

Buying An SUV Limousine When you’re buying an SUV limousine, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the right one for your business. In most cases, the SUV limo is your party or large…more

How To Give A 5 Star Experience With Your New Limousine

How To Give A 5 Star Experience Everyone wants the chance to have a 5 star experience. It’s one of the reasons many people want to a hire a limousine in the first place….more

Flagship Vehicle Tips – Your Fleet Should Meet These Criteria

Flagship Vehicle Tips Flagship Vehicle Tips to help your business. Turning your new limo into the flagship vehicle of your fleet means taking special care in customizing the limousine. This won’t be just another…more

2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter – The New Standard In The Industry

Sprinter Vans Sprinter Vans becoming new standard for limousine companies is what this article is about. Times have changed and the demands of customers move forward in the transportation industry where clients seek roomier…more

A New Limo Fleet Gets Your Business Ready To Roll

New Limo Fleet A new limo fleet could be exactly what you need to get your business rolling. Whether you want to start offering limo services to your customers or even starting your own…more

Your New Hand Crafted Limo Is Special For These 5 Reasons

Hand Crafted Limo Why would you consider buying a new hand crafted limo versus adding a non-custom limo to your fleet? The answer is simple – hand crafted limos are special. The entire purpose…more

The Best Products For Maintaining The Interior Of Your New Limo

Interior Of Your New Limo Your passengers spend hours inside your limo, so you want your interior to look exquisite. Using the right products and techniques is key to maintaining the interior of your…more

Customizing A Limo – The Sky Is The Limit

Customizing A Limo When guests or customers first see your customized limo, do you want them to have gymnast’s McKayla Maroney’s famous “not impressed” face? Of course not. You want them to not only…more

7 Things To Include In Your Custom Built Party Limousine

Custom Built Party Limousine Parties should never be limited to a building. That’s the entire reason a party limousine was invented. Adding one to your fleet gives you the chance to let your guests…more

5 Limousine Services Other Than Transfers

5 Limousine Services Your hotel limousines aren’t just for transferring your guests to and from the hotel. Supply limousine services for a wide variety of activities and events. Here are 5 Limousine Services, Other…more

How To Improve On Perfection Of A Custom Built Limousine

How To Improve On Perfection Of A Custom Built Limousine Most limousines are custom to a point, but are they really perfect? The new or used limousine you purchased might seem perfect until you…more

The Devil Is In The Details – Make Your Limousine Stand Out

Make Your Limousine Stand Out You always want ways to stand out from your competitors. You would think a nice limousine fleet would be enough, but then again, the competition has an almost identical…more

Not All Limousines Are Created Equal

When Not All Limousines Are Created Equal When you think of a limousine, what is your first thought? We’re used to hearing the same response – elegant, black stretch limousine. While that’s a popular…more

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