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9 Tips For Offering Hourly Limo Rentals

You can make a great deal of money off of your limo when you offer hourly limo rentals. These let you get to more people but you will have to watch for how you’re offering these.

Hourly limo rentals, as the concept suggests, entails people being able to rent a limo for shorter periods of time. People utilize hourly limo rentals for a variety of reasons like getting a limo ready for a wedding or for transportation to and from a casino or other high-end spot.

Hourly limo rentals are perfect to offer but you should do a few things to get such rentals to be available to your clients. This is especially to make what you have to offer more useful for all your possible clients. You should use this point carefully so you will know what to get out of a limo and how you’re going to interact with your clients in a smarter and more sensible manner.


Establish a Minimum

You will have to create a minimum in terms of how many hours someone can rent a limo for. The typical rule of thumb is to have your limo available for three hours at the least. Your client can always rent a limo for longer than that but three has to be the minimum.

This is designed to give you a good window for use. This especially comes as the client will have more time to use your limo and ask for you to get to different spots in your local area. When chosen right, it should be easier for your limo rental to be marketable and easy to handle.

Charge About $10 Per Person Per Hour

The amount of money you will charge for your clients to use your limo should be decided based on the number of people that can fit into the limo at a time. This is regardless of the actual number of people who can get into the limo at that moment.

For instance, a limo that can handle ten passengers at a time should cost $100 per hour to rent. One that fits fourteen people should go for $140 per hour and so forth.

This is a fair total when you consider the number of people in a party or at least the features or space that will be found in your limo. This will certainly add up in value when you consider the minimum three-hour rental period that you should be utilizing in your limo.


Establish a Clear Schedule

A big part of the three-hour minimum listed earlier is that it encourages you to set up a schedule that is easy to figure out. A good schedule can help you figure out when you’re going to take in people and when you are available.

You will have to prepare a schedule and write it down based on the clients you take in. You must keep this ready so you won’t worry about overlapping time periods.

Check the Location

The location of the spot that you will offer your limo rental to must be reviewed before you get an appointment filled. The location may be a spot such as the outside part of an airport or near a football stadium among other places.


You should consider the location as there are often times when you might have lots of traffic in an area or the demand for limo services might be high. You might have to add some time to your reservation based on where you are as you will need to spend a bit of extra time to get to wherever it is you want to go in your limo.

Avoid Leaving Early

You might feel a temptation to get out during an event that your limo is being rented for to take care of something else with your limo. After all, sometimes your limo will only be used at the start and end of an event during a period window of time.

You might have a bit of dormant time with your limo at this point. You might be encouraged to get out with your limo and drive it somewhere else for any reason. While you could do that to get extra money that is not something you should be doing in the least.

The fact is that you could be pressed into having to get a limo out early during an event if there is a change in plans during that time period. Your rental period should be one where the customer will have the right to use your limo for as often as needed. This means your limo should be available during that time period at the drop of a hat.

You should instead be productive when getting your limo out for an hourly rental period. Consider cleaning up the inside of the limo so it will continue to look and feel its best. Get the bar area restocked or prepared for when the people who rented it return. Whatever it is you might do, be sure you at least look carefully at how your clients are getting served.

No matter what the case is, you should be certain that you get your limo ready for someone to use at any point during a rental period. The person who rents the limo should be entitled to do what one wants to with it. Be sure to think about this carefully when getting your limo established and set up for use.


Allow For a Bit of Leeway

The timing for renting out a limo should be as relaxed as the inside of that limo. The thing is that there might be times when traffic or limo trouble might cause you to be a little slower on the road. Therefore, you should add a bit of a buffer zone onto your three-hour or more window for a rental.

Add about thirty minutes before and after each scheduled rental block. This gives you enough breathing room for individual clients. It keeps you from struggling with trying to get your vehicle out there far too quickly.

Target the Right Events

You can always target customers who want to use your limo for an assorted variety of special events. You can get your limo out to people who want to use it for a prom or a wedding or just a sporting event among other things.


An hourly limo service should be available for all-day affairs as well. These are ones that might entail several activities that will last for eight to ten hours in some cases. For instance, a limo could be available for a wedding that includes a reception and other special events to go along with the actual ceremony.

Be Prepared To Discuss Added Hours

There are often times when a rental might have to extend for a certain number of hours. This could occur due to things like one person being late for a limo among other things.

You must discuss your schedule with your client before getting your limo out there. Talk about the other sessions you have with that limo during the day and when you absolutely have to get out to your next client. This is essential as it ensures the client understands the risk that comes with hiring your service.

Also, talk about what might happen if your client needs to use the limo for a little more than whatever the original slated time for it was. You should discuss what it might cost to get a limo rented out for longer than what you might have planned for it to be used for.

The cost could be the same per hour as what you charge already. It could also be more due to the unexpected need that your client has for it. Either way, you should always talk about this with the client that you want to do business with. This is to make it easier for you to get your client to use the service you’ve got.


Don’t Worry If You Don’t Get Multiple Clients In a Day

The most important thing to do when getting hourly limo rentals out to people is to not be afraid if you are unable to get more than just one client in your limo each day. An hourly limo service is designed to simply be good enough for several hours at a time. Sometimes an event might stretch out to where it could last all day.

With that in mind, you should at least be prepared to serve just one client per day if only to not only stay with that client but to avoid overlap problems between you and other clients. This should give you control over the limo experience without worrying about how it’s going to be run.

The clients that you do get should be treated with the utmost care at all times. Always talk with your clients about what you will do with your limo and what is available during a time period. Let your client know that you’re ready to serve people at all times and that you’re always going to be there during the time period that your limo was rented for. This will go a long way towards showing that you’re interested in helping someone.

Hourly limo rentals are perfect for your limo business as you can get your vehicle out to more spaces. Be sure you prepare well enough when getting hourly limo rentals ready. This is so you will provide your clients with the services that they deserve when it comes to transporting them the right way. Your business can certainly grow when you get a great hourly rental plan up and running.

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