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Old Limousine Fleet? Why Custom Limousines Are Better

Old Limousine Fleet

Do you have an old limousine fleet that’s not attracting as many customers as it used to? You don’t have to keep dealing with it. Instead, try custom limousines instead. Think of it as a major fleet makeover to offer your passengers something better. We also have old limos for sale.

You don’t always have to buy the latest and greatest limo to have limousines that will impress your passengers. Sometimes, all it takes is customizing older limos. After all, with some work, even the limo in the image above could look and feel brand new.

Trade In Your Old Limousine Fleet

It’s not that your passengers hate your old limousine fleet, but they also love the idea of something new too. Think about the features inside your current limos. When was the last time those features were state of the art? If it was a decade ago, your customers are simply looking for newer features. New flooring, better lighting, support for charging and syncing mobile devices and touch screen controls all make your older limos seem new again.

     Get An Old Limousine Fleet Upgrade

An old limousine fleet isn’t going to provide the same support and stability on the road as newer limos. Custom limousines give you the best of both worlds. Take your old limo and upgrade it with a better suspension, new tires and even a more sound proof interior to make the ride smoother and less noisy. It’ll make your passengers feel as if they’re riding in a limo half its age.

Offer Better Performance

Let’s face it. New limos do offer better performance. They often have strong engines, better fuel efficiency and easier handling. You can still get that type of performance from your old limousine fleet with a few customization’s. Upgrade the engine and transmission. Make modifications to get better fuel efficiency. Change the steering to make it easier to manage the limo. The truth is whether you have old limousines for sale or old limousines for rent they do need to be replaced.
Your passengers and your drivers will appreciate it.

Cater To Your Passengers

The great thing about customizing an old limousine fleet is you’re better able to cater to your passengers. Maybe you started your fleet to appeal just to business executives going to and from the airport. Now, you want to expand, but your old fleet will need some customization’s. Adding new features, changing the color scheme and modernizing the interior all help your limousines appeal to different types of passengers.

Fit More Passengers

Is your old limousine fleet full of smaller limos? Depending on the current model and size, you could possible stretch the limo further to fit more passengers. Imagine being able to fit eight instead of six. Larger limos allow you to market to larger groups.

Even if you can’t stretch the limo further, you could rearrange the interior to provide more leg room for passengers. You won’t fit more, but your passengers will be more comfortable. Check out our inventory list.

Look Newer And Better

Everything about your limo company has changed, except your limos. It’s time to make your old limousine fleet look newer and better. Give your old limos a much needed boost with new paint, an interior makeover, unique detailing and much more. It’s always easy to tell when a limo isn’t quite as luxurious as it once was. Your fleet doesn’t have to tell its age. Instead, opt for customization’s to turn the old into new.

Change Up Your Old Limousine Fleet

It’s time to leave the past in the past. Take a good look at your old limousine fleet and then say goodbye. Once they’re customized, you won’t even be able to tell that they’re still your old fleet. You don’t have to buy brand new to get the look and feel. Your fleet still has many miles to go, so don’t retire anything just yet. Custom limos give the old a new life. Change up your old fleet and you’ll notice a difference in revenue too.

Ready to give your old fleet some new life? Check out some of our custom work to see how we can help you.

Image: Kevin

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