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9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow

Best Limousine Fuel Economy

     9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow

Regardless of the type of limo you drive, you can find a way to get the best limousine fuel economy if you take a look at what you can do with it. There are many great steps that must be used if you’re going to get your limousine fuel economy back up to par.

These steps particularly relate to the parts that go into your vehicle. The routines you use when driving can also make a difference. These points are great to review in terms of how well your vehicle can work and what you can do to make it stand out so it will be easier for your vehicle to use less fuel. Also, keep in mind that it’s always good to start out with the best fuel economy luxury cars.

9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow

1.) Get a New Air Flow Sensor

The air flow sensor in your vehicle should be replaced regularly. This will measure the air flow that gets into your engine. It sends that information to the engine computer so it will determine how much fuel is to be used.

Limousine Fuel Economy

A dirty or worn out air flow sensor can keep even the top rated fuel efficient cars from using the right amount of fuel. A new one should be added to help you keep your fuel usage under control.

There may be times when you don’t have to completely replace your air flow sensor. These are typically points where you need to simply clean out some of the particles or compounds that might be stuck in your sensor. Being able to get these parts cleared out and fixed will certainly be important as it ensures your vehicle will stay active.

2.) Check Your Spark Plugs

The next thing to do is to take a closer look at your spark plugs. Your spark plugs should be checked so they are clean and capable of regulating how air and fuel are used. A spark plug will check on how fuel moves in your vehicle’s engine, thus ensuring the engine uses only what it absolutely needs.

It is best to replace the spark plugs every 30,000 miles on average. This is around the time when the plugs have to be checked because they are wearing out or are far too dirty. Getting these parts checked and replaced as needed can make a difference in terms of how well your vehicle will work.

Make sure the spark plugs you use can actually fit your vehicle. Every vehicle has its own standards in terms of the size of the spark plug needed for it to work. Check carefully to see that you have a spark plug setup that is easy to follow.

3.) Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter in your limo must be replaced or cleaned out regularly. It should be very easy to take this out of your vehicle and clean it or at least inspect it.

A filter has to be clean so clean air can come into the engine. If the air heading into the engine is dirty, it will be harder for the engine to work well. This comes as it uses more fuel to make the engine work as well as it should.

Limo Air Filter

The air filter should be found near the engine. This should be very easy to take out and replace. Be sure the new one that you get is actually easy to handle. This should give you enough support for keeping your engine clean and healthy so it won’t use more fuel than necessary.

4.) Check Your Tire Pressure

Your limo’s tires should be reviewed properly. The tires will help with keeping your vehicle fully balanced. When the vehicle is balanced well enough, it will create less drag. This comes as the vehicle will not compensate for any spots where one tire requires more effort to move properly. This is important to see regardless of the number of tires you’ve got.

The tires should be filled with enough air on a regular basis. Your tires will naturally lose air over time so be sure you check on what you’re getting out of your tires.

You can tell how much air you need to add into your car’s tires by taking a look at a proper space on the inside body of your car. The optimal tire pressure rating should be listed on the inside part of a door or even on the back of the gas cap cover.

The pressure for the rear tires will always be higher than what the front tires use. You should still check on the specifics of what you will get out of your vehicle when filling its tires. Don’t forget to ensure the tires are evenly filled up without any differences between the left and right ones on either part.

It helps to do this once if possible. This is enough time to help you get a careful look at how your tires are working and if they do even need more air. Remember that you may not always need to fill your tires up but it helps to check them all.

5.) Use Narrow Tires

The tires you have should be checked based on how wide they are. You will use less fuel if you have narrow tires.

Narrow tires have less of a frontal area. Therefore, the drag created by the tires will be reduced. This should save you plenty of fuel.

Limousine Tires

Make sure the tires you choose are narrow but also see that they are compatible with your car. A narrow tire will not hold as much traction as what you’d get from another tire. With that in mind, you need to choose a narrow tire that is suitable for your driving needs and can be carefully supported by your vehicle without creating any real problems. This tip can truly help with even your best mileage cars.

6.) Get Your Oil Changed

You need to get your oil in your limo changed every 5,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. This is enough time to ensure that you get your engine lubricated while staying functioning.

Your engine will work better and keep from using more fuel than needed if it has clean oil. Oil that has not been properly changed will be dirty and add more particles into your engine. This makes it harder for the engine to get the air it needs so it will function properly.

On a related note, you should make sure you add oil to your car when needed. Check your oil often to see if the dip stick in your vehicle is dry. You might have to add a bit of oil to keep the engine lubricated. This will help with allowing the engine to work a little better, thus making it easier for your engine to stay operational.

You may not think that limousines can be in the group with economical cars. However, if you change the oil properly, you can improve the fuel economy.

7.) Watch Your Speed

The speed you drive can certainly make more of an impact than what you might expect. You might think that going faster will be worthwhile as you can get to your destination faster. However, you will end up using more fuel if you go too fast.

It’s true that when driving a limo, you aren’t going to go all that fast. Still, you must be cautious when making it work.

When you drive too fast, you will start to use more fuel. Your fuel economy will decline by at least 10 percent when you go 65 miles per hour or higher. This comes as the engine needs more fuel in order for it to go faster. Sticking with 65 miles per hour is clearly a better option as it ensures you’ll actually use less fuel while still going fast.

Don’t forget that the drag that is added onto your vehicle will increase if you go too fast. This in turn makes it so your vehicle will use more fuel than necessary.

8.) Don’t Bother With Attachments

Watch out when you’re trying to get attachments onto a limo. This includes times when you might have a wedding party tie up cans to the back of the limo. While such attachments might be found and appealing, it is best to avoid them.

Such attachments will add more drag onto your limo than necessary. This comes from how such items add weight to the vehicle. The physical body of the attachments will also cause air to be diverted in more directions around the car, thus adding to the drag.

fuel economy

You should remove the roof rack from your car if possible. This should be easy to do with most car models. Many models will allow you to put the rack back on later. This is good if you plan on actually using the rack for securing cargo in the future but for now, it helps to keep it off so you don’t use it more than necessary.

9.) Keep Your Load Down

You have to watch carefully with regards to how much weight you are adding onto your limo. The added weight that you put on your vehicle from lots of cargo and other stuff can be difficult for you to bear with at times. This especially comes amid problems where you are adding more to your vehicle than what you really need.

You should not tote far too much cargo with you all the time. You should avoid carrying lots of stuff with you unless you know that you will actually use it at some point in the near future.

The added load on your vehicle could cause your drag to go up. This added drag will come about as you are porting more things than what you are used to handling. The added weight needs more power from the engine for it to be propelled right. You have to make sure you avoid creating a huge drag by reducing the weight that is being carried by your vehicle. Make sure you plan this properly regardless of the number of people who will be in the limo at a given time.

Conclusion of “9 Best Limousine Fuel Economy Tips To Follow

You should certainly know at this point what you have to do in order to get your car’s fuel economy to improve. No matter what type of car you have, you should easily use a great plan to make it easier for your vehicle to run right.

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