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Stretch Hummers – What Makes Them So Great

Stretch Hummers

Stretch Hummers

It’s hard to deny how impressive stretch Hummers are as they cruise down the street. Happy passengers laughing with friends as they make their way to proms, weddings, concerts and clubs receiving enviable glances from passersby. They’re definitely fun to look at and ride in, but what makes them so great?

Let’s face it. Hummers are the giants among SUVs and they’re the giants among limousines too. When your passengers want to feel like the ultimate royalty, why not give them the option to travel high above everyone else? This is just a start of what sets stretch Hummers apart from the rest.

Stretch Hummers Stretch Your Profits

Take Passengers (Nearly) Anywhere

Hummers are made to take drivers nearly anywhere. All wheel drive and an enhanced suspension make Hummers perfect off-road vehicles. Now, turn that into a limousine and there’s not many places you can’t take your passengers. A concert in a remote area that veers off onto dirt roads or even out into a field isn’t a single problem for stretch Hummers. It’s luxury that goes nearly anywhere.

Ultimate Amenity Limousines

Just take a glance at the Hummers currently in our inventory and you’ll see they’re always fully loaded. The heightened ceilings make them ideal for adding dance floors. Mirrored ceilings perfectly reflect the advanced lighting system and keep the party going the entire time passengers are in the vehicle. You’ll have ample room for a full size bar, fiber optic lighting, surround sound system, creative flooring choices and much more. If you want to add a fully loaded limo to your fleet, stretch Hummers always deliver.

Powerful Performance

Since Hummers are made to perform well on all types of terrain, they have to have the power to keep going, no matter the terrain or weather. Imagine how easy it is to transport passengers with a V8 engine with 325 horsepower. Forget any type of sluggish performance, even when you’re carrying 20 passengers or more. Enhanced suspension systems make them ride smooth, even over bumpy city streets or dirt roads.

Room For More And Then Some

The most obvious thing that makes stretch Hummers so great is they always seem to have room for more. While most tend to fit anywhere from 10 to 20 passengers, some are stretched even longer to accommodate extra passengers. You might think 10 passengers is low for a Hummer, but it all depends on seating. For instance, luxurious, wrap-around VIP seating offers a ride like no other, but those nice plush seats take up more room, leading to fewer, yet immensely happy passengers.

To give you an idea of how large Stretch Hummers can be, check out the Mega Hummer. It’s a behemoth that’s constantly booked in Florida that fits 32 passengers. At 45 feet and weighing around 10 tons, it’s an impressive sight as it rolls down any street.

Immediate Eye Catcher

Your standard stretch limousines don’t get quite as much attention as they used to. Since they’re more affordable to rent, they’re more accessible. People are still impressed when they see one, but they’re still fairly commonplace. A Hummer limousine isn’t quite the norm. These are usually reserved for special events, such as weddings, proms and other large groups. Add in all the chrome trim that usually goes along with a stretch Hummer and you have an immediate eye catcher.

When you own a limo business, you want limos that get attention. It’s one of the reasons you often see Hummers painted in such exotic limo colors, such as pink, yellow and red. The more attention your limos get, the more passengers that will seek you out.

Stretch Hummers are great because they’re truly incredible to ride in and see. Who wouldn’t want to experience the the next level of luxury? Many limo businesses are adding these stretch SUVs to their fleets to help stretch their profits. It’s true. Cater to those looking for something different or wanting to fit large groups without renting a party bus. You’ll likely find that your stretch Hummer is booked well in advance every weekend.

Looking to add or customize your own stretch Hummer? Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Image: Roman Boed

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