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New Town Car Or Is This Just Another MKT?

We have been there and done that I know

We thought that Lincoln stopped making the New Town Car due to it being too good.  I have seen them with 500,000 miles its crazy they keep going.  The 4.6 liter v-8 is truly a work of art.  Now you see limos have issues with 100,000 miles.  This surprises me every time. I start to think about just how much money can be made on livery companies. They need to service their vehicles after 100,000 miles.  Well the answer is lots and lots of money.  Front end suspension, upgraded brakes, rotors, Lincoln even creating a specific model just for limousines with all the heavy duty upgrades, or should we call it up-sells.

New Town Car

But in the long run it was worth it and those limos should have paid for themselves.  However just like all good things it had to end sometime.

Now in 2000s new generation they needed something new and different


new mkt car

This is what Lincoln came up with a crossover vehicle that they could sell to the masses and reap the benfits of selling to the livery industry.  I attended the limousine shows and people where so excited about this more luggage space, more head room, new electronics, smooth ride, curb appeal? not to me but what ever.


They did get a lot right, factory warranty, smooth ride, cool electronics, head room, luggage, but they tried to hit too many targets with 1 vehicle.  So then came along few other ideas which is where it gets really interesting

May I introduce the Lincoln Family

new towncar 3

This is the sexy beast Lincoln MKX I really like this even to drive its sweet but front wheel drive not sure why Lincoln is going with front wheel drive these days.

Don’t know why it reminds me of a Jaguar for some reason.  But this is the Lincoln MKS sedan which is very nice rides smooth and will really stand apart from an MKT.  Saw a few of these in Vegas.

new limousine

Lincoln new

My Goodness this car screams European curves, futuristic console, with smooth impressive driving, fuel economy and much more.  Down side the suspension is tight , more of sporty car then luxurious, but the body design is truly a masterpiece.  This is the where my respect for Lincoln as a modern car manufacturer comes into play.  They are really trying to stay innovate.

Now here is the latest push for livery and luxury from Lincoln

The beauty of this vehicle is sure to please even the most avid Benz or BMW Driver.  The drive is smooth, quiet powerful, I really love the modern interior.  Sorry guys I am Lincoln lover.  But look at the work its earned.

I am sure you know that American Limousine Sales in Los Angeles is the builder of all these New Town Car vehicles.  If you would like to consider building a limousine you should really reach out to us and let us build a unique vehicle for you.


call our sales rep today 310-762-1710

I would like to put the vote out whats your Lincoln of choice these days?

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