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Welcome To American Limousine Sales

Welcome To American Limousine Sales

Limousine Sales
Limousines For Sale Today Ready To Go. We are Limousine Dealers. We Buy Limos New or Used. We Sell Limos New or Used. We Build Limos Too.
Here you can buy luxury limos, SUVs, and Party Buses at great prices with exceptional, personal, customer service. You can search from a long list of auto makes, including Dodge, Lincoln, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Ford. You can easily browse limos with our gorgeous photo galleries.

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Limousines For Sale – Browse A Wide Selection Of Unique Custom Limos.

We have a wide selection of limos for sale online. It's also true that we have some of the best limos for sale in California. Vehicles brands like Hummer, to Cadillac, to Lincoln town cars. Our goal is to be the best limo sales resource online and to help our community with their largest problems inside the limo business, we contribute to our blog regularly and are ready to answer any question you may have. Just give us a call.

Being in business by yourself is difficult, sometimes you need help with purchases, financing, and custom builds, everyone in this business needs quality resources like we have here in order to thrive in the limo business.

Limos For Sale - New Arrivals

We Want You To Succeed In The Limo Business

The limousine business has crazy hours, can be very seasonal and can easily lead to burn out. Now you can make a great living at it (in the right markets) but it’s not as glamorous as it might look. You’re dealing with a lot of people who have been over served. Lot of kids (proms) and a lot of business travelers. These can be difficult delicate situations. Rest assured it’s lucrative in the right markets and for the right people.

If there is a lot of limo competition in the area that you live in (or near), then there is opportunity. Larger urban areas like New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago will obviously have the most opportunity.

The reality is that in order to make money we all need to understand that the limo business can be seasonal. Limousine sales and not made that often. So a lot of us need all different types of limos for all different occasions and situations. Thankfully our custom limo builds and variety of models are here to allow you to expand into a well rounded business. Remember, not only can you buy limos for sale, you can ask questions and get answers.

Focusing on larger markets and building up your clientele over time leads to success. Also, having a well-diversified fleet of vehicles. The more people you know, the better personality you have. The more out going you are, and the more unique limos you have the better your business will be. This business isn’t for shrinking violets. No sir. You must always be growing your business and looking for more limousines. We help with financing, general advice on purchases, limo conversions, limo sales, and purchasing limos you’ve out grown.

Limos For Sale Los Angeles – Financing Help Always Available

Are you looking for custom stretch limos or limo party buses for sale (that is our specialty)? Do you have one or two for sale yourself (we are interested in hearing more)? These bad boys can make you a boatload of money. I mean come on your talking about Los Angeles Limos here. And when you’ve got the right clientele in the right market (preferably wealthy and ready to party).
Then you have a winning situation. Got a great local market, great clients in place, but need to upgrade your limo fleet, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got you covered especially when it comes to customizing anything.

Financing New Limo

Limo Conversion Help & Advice

Perhaps you have an older limo or car that you want to convert or upgrade? Again, that is our bread and butter. Whatever limousine sales questions or problems you’re having, you’re in the right place in our little community here. You can also find tips and advice on our blog where we post weekly with new information. We’re here to serve you and get you taken care of with all your limo sales and financing issues. Give us a call right now; we’d love to hear from you.

American Limousine Sales is a luxury limo manufacturer
We Are Your Limo Sales And Customization Advocate. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Los Angeles or New York or New Jersey, we very likely have a limo here in our limousine inventory that you’ll likely be interested in taking a look at. We buy and sell across the country.

Welcome and feel free to browse our limos for sale, drop us a line or give us a call, we’re here to help you with anything at all.

Getting Started In The Limo Business?

Perhaps you’re just looking to get started in the limo business or perhaps you’re trying to add to an already large fleet of limos, whatever the case might be, we know this business inside and out and are ready to help you.

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