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Tips For Handling Kids In Your Limousine Business

One of the best things about your limo is that you can transport literally anyone in your vehicle. You can even get kids into your limo if desired.

A limo party with kids is certainly an entertaining thing to do. You can get some kids into a limo for a birthday party or for transportation to a spot like a sporting event or park.


Your limo service should be open to all people regardless of age. Giving kids the experience of riding in a limo is certainly something that will be worthwhile in that your kids will never forget the fun of this.

You should be careful when getting kids into a limo though. You have to make sure they are properly behaved so they will not cause a big mess in your limo. You must also know how to get the limo ready for everyone.

Have An Adult On Hand

The first thing you have to do is get a chaperone ready for the event. You will have to talk with an adult who is responsible enough to take on this role for the limo ride.

You will need to get an adult to help you with taking in kids in your limo. A good adult will work as a chaperone who will watch over the kids and make sure they are properly behaved. You need to get a responsible adult who will help you out with this case so you will get the inside of your limo secure.


Your chaperone needs to be an appropriate professional who can help with things like getting kids in and out of the limo, preparing entertainment features and getting drinks ready. Always talk with whoever is going to be your chaperone for the kids beforehand so you can get a good idea of how well that person will work with kids.

Prepare a Good Movie

Depending on how long the ride in the limo will be, you should consider preparing a good movie in your vehicle. Fortunately, your DVD player should be easy to secure. Make sure you get the DVD player configured to where it will work quickly and easily to entertain all the kids in your limo.

Do keep the media playback features in your limo secure and covered though. This is to keep the kids from playing around and fiddling with the controls. Don’t forget to see that the chaperone is fully capable of controlling it.

Don’t Forget Music

You can always get some fun music playing in your limo for the kids to enjoy. Check on the music system in your limo and see if it’s fully up to date. You might have to upgrade your system to include support for a portable media player or satellite radio depending on the type of media setup you have. This is needed so your kids will have fun in the limo with an appropriately engineered setup.

Get the Right Drinks

You can always get some great drinks for your kids to enjoy in the limo. Specifically, you need to get things like cans of soda, juice boxes and bottles of water. These are safe for kids to enjoy having while in the limo.

You don’t have to get the traditional glasses in your limo out for the kids to use. Try and use some plastic glasses or cups instead so the kids won’t be at risk of breaking things inside the limo.

You will more than likely have to supply these drinks yourself. Check with your chaperone for the event to see what drinks are needed based on any allergies or other concerns kids might have.


Be prepared to clean up any spills too. It’s no secret that kids aren’t the cleanest drinkers. They could always leave plenty of spills and stains all around the cabin. Using a safe non-chemical clean and a lint-free cloth helps with most fabrics and surfaces on a limo. Check to see what points may come with a good cleaner so you’ll have more control over the situation at hand and the type of surface that you want to clean off.

Don’t Forget Snacks

You can always add some fun snacks like chips and cookies into the limo. These can be placed in the bar area just as well. This works well if you have plenty of flat space in the bar area to work with.

Be sure you prepare enough for all the kids. Check on any allergy or dietary concerns that any kids might have so you can adjust the snacks accordingly.

More important, look for snacks that are easy for you to clean up. As fun as it can be for kids to eat something tasty on the limo, they can always make a mess. You will need to use a small vacuum to clean up crumbs and other bits that might be left behind. This is especially given that the kids on your limo probably won’t use any garbage spots in the cabin to throw things out.


Look For Motion Sickness Medicine

Some kids who get into a limo party might not be able to handle the experience all that well. Some kids might experience motion sickness while riding in the limo. This can cause any kid to vomit right in your limo. This is obviously not fun for any of the other people in the limo. It is especially not fun for you as you’d have to clean up the mess later on.

Fortunately, you can always get plenty of motion sickness medicine ready in the cabin of your limo. This can be administered by your chaperone as soon as any kid starts to experience motion sickness. This helps to calm the user due at signing with feel comfortable.

The most important point here is that your child will not be at risk of serious harm when this is used. This especially keeps you from having to delay or stop any limo rides because someone is starting to get ill. Make sure your chaperone is aware of how motion sickness might develop and when it is the right time to get help for someone bearing with this issue.

Create a Good Schedule

The schedule that comes with the limo ride should be calculated well. Since the limo ride will be for a special occasion, you should think carefully about how you’re going to plan the event.

A good limo ride can work for about one to two hours in many cases. This is good enough for entertaining kids with a fun movie while also offering plenty of drinks for everyone. Naturally, this is also good when you consider how you won’t have to worry about kids panicking because they cannot use the bathroom.

On a related note, you should get the kids that will be on your limo to use the bathroom before you depart. This is to reduce the risk that anyone will start to panic about not being able to get to a bathroom. Don’t forget to have your chaperone tell you if there’s a need to stop somewhere for a bathroom.

What About Video Games?

An interesting part about limos is that they can be configured to support video game consoles. You can get such a console hooked up to the television set or other entertainment system in your limo. This will allow kids to play with a fun game while enjoying a ride.

This works best if the video game console is secured in a spot that is hidden from the kids. This is to keep them from fiddling with the console.


Also, this is best when you have wireless controllers for the kids to play with. This keeps the controllers easy to use without worrying about being tangled up in any way.

You should get the controller sensor out in a spot that will be easy to read. This is to keep the signals from the controller to the console from being lost or otherwise unable to run as well as they should.

Keep the Guest List Under Control

You must see that there’s a proper number of kids who will be at the party on your limo. Remember that you cannot negotiate the space on the inside of your limo. You will have to create a strict limit on how many kids can fit into your life based on its size. Let any family that wants to use your limo aware of this point so they can at least figure out how many people should be invited based on the size of your limo.

What Destinations Are Appropriate?

You should always consider a good destination for the kids that will come onto your limo for a party. Talk with the parents of the kids to see what they are interested in. Specifically, see if any kid of honor has any preferences on where he or she wants to go. This is important for any kid going through a big milestone like a birthday, graduation, confirmation or bar or bat mitzvah.


You will be amazed at how fun it can be for kids to enjoy a great limo ride. By offering limo rides to kids, you will open your limo up to a new stream of income or business. This is perfect for birthday parties and other special events.

Even so, you should still be prepared for getting kids into a limo. The need for a proper adult to watch over them and the need to get the right materials secure for the event will make a real difference.

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