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Hot Dodge Limo For Sale

2012 Black 140-inch 12 passenger Dodge Charger limousine for sale #125402-COLLAGE
We have a Dodge Limo for Sale. American Limo sales should be your first choice when it comes to Limo building and sale deals. We think and breath Limos. Many years of operations in the challenging limo building and sales business has made us what we are today.

We build state of the art limos and offer crazy limo sale deals. We build custom limos better than any other limo builder. Quality exterior and interior specs define our limos. We also take luxury seriously and ensure that all the limos we build or upgrade rock the latest luxury and entertainment gadgets at affordable prices. Make us your choice for limo building, upgrading, and sales deals and get value for money.

Mention of the word Dodge sends chills down the spines of many car manufacturers. Any vehicle with the Dodge logo is not to be joked with. Dodges are muscular cars built for people who take nothing less than great performance on the road. These are the people who fancy terrific speeds.

The reputable Dodge Charger is one of the fastest roadsters in the world. To make things even juicer, Chrysler, the manufacturers of Dodge introduced Dodge Charger limos. This is where high performance meets luxury. The Dodge Charger limo is not like any other limo you see on the road.

     Dodge Limo For Sale Is The Ultimate Sport Limo

Beautiful on the outside but highly ferocious on the inside. This one does not crawl like other limos, it runs. If you are looking for a Dodge limo for sale then look no further for we have a Dodge Stretch Challenger limo for you The Dodge Challenger limo is not a beauty seen every day.

It has always been the most cherished road master ever since the early 1910’s. With changing times, they have been able to preserve their 100% performance culture as well as provide the motor vehicle industry with an inspirational point of reference in terms of luxury with their Dodge limousine.

The Dodge limousine is today one of the masterpieces produced by the Chrysler company and a definite trend setter with top quality market features that are meant to meet each and every desire of the customer. To justify Dodge limo price, it is fitted with high-tech interior features and wrapped in straightforward exterior styling. The old Dodge has been a force to reckon with since its re-introduction to the civilian market in the 1940’s.

     Where the Dodge limo For Sale Beats The Competition

What’s in it for you? Comfort and entertainment. If you’re looking for something that is a little edgier than your standard limousine, the Dodge Limousine is surely it. It is guaranteed to give you an experience like no other. It is specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort and create a relaxing atmosphere that will place you in a new world of modern travel. At American Limousine Sales you are likely to see new limousines for sale.

With friends, it is the perfect show off and getaway for parties, weddings, and reunions that will leave your friends wowed! With a luxurious interior that will allow you to have more than sufficient party space and also fit any extra features that you may decide to add on your tour on the road.

Proven performance. As early as the 1910’s the Doge lined up with the Chrysler to produce important military vehicles which turned out to endure severe battlefield conditions leading to the Doge Brothers’ cars winning an acclaimed award for their military service in the U.S. Army’s Pancho Villa Expedition into Mexico.

With this strong backbone, the vehicles have evolved over the years to give you a taste of both the vintage Dodge and a top quality infusion with the modern market designs guaranteeing once you buy Dodge limo you get the ultimate road king.

     The Modern Dodge

Limousine features an impressive 3.7-liter V-6 engine and a heavy duty upgraded suspensions to give you a smooth but powerful first class ride. A Full-Size dual-rear custom made gull wing doors, surround sound stereo, HDTV led flat screen, custom bar in the interior with led interior lighting, privacy divider, heavy duty a/c and heating and single window conversion. It’s all in this dodge limo for sale at a company with experience.

The fun doesn’t stop here as this beauty is also fitted with Mohawk vinyl top, 1500 watt 5 channel digital amplifier, 12″ sub-woofer and a two color tone to complete the interior design. The exterior of the Dodge Challenger limo offers a white fascinating look embedded in the traditional Dodge muscle body design that is sure to leave a print of class on the road and capture everyone’s attention.

Your life will get flashier once you purchase Dodge limousine. When promptness is crucial, the Dodge Limousine can get you to your destination quickly, safely, and without delay. Worry no more about congestion or having to rush to make it to your event on time, cheap stretch Dodge Limo will get you there on schedule.

When you have your limo, your travel becomes as easy as taking a first class flight as you will be able to beat driving hassles associated with the clumsiness of limousines. Just sit in the luxurious passenger compartment and relax as you get transported. As you’ll have your personal chauffeur; the destination of the vehicle is solely up to you.

     Flexible finance options at American Limousine Sales

Owning a limo has never been this easy since Financing should come as least of your worries for this baby. With our hardworking and tireless personnel, we will ensure you purchase this cheap stretch dodge limo at your specific customization and satisfaction and ensure you add a touch of class, style, and elegance to your lifestyle at a more than pocket-friendly pricing relieving you of your budget stress.

The Dodge limo price should not worry you for we have a very customer friendly lease to own package that will make the experience of owning this limo a lot easier. We are committed to ensuring you only get the best by providing the friendliest of terms for the purchase.

Visit our dealership or website and review Dodge limousine and other exemplary Dodge road kings. We provide sweeter than sugar deals on all our machines. Ensure you move with the trendsetters and travel with the best in the industry. We offer a variety of Dodge car limousine with the latest utilities.

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