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11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

When it comes to finding places that you can bring your limo out to when picking up clients, no place is quite as useful as your local international airport. There will never be a shortage of people who need the services of a limo driver at an airport.

11 Airport Limo Tips

11 Airport Limo Tips

The people who hire limos at airports are ones that are aiming to get to their destinations in style. These include all kinds of business professionals from all corners of the world. You can make great amounts of money by picking up clients from the airport too since you could possibly offer a special charge for airport services.

Of course, you can use your limo to provide car service to airport. This is great when departing from a central business district or convention center among other spots that a wealthy businessperson might be at.

Even so, you must be fully prepared for whatever may come about when you’re getting your limo out to your local airport. Several points have to be used when aiming to get the most out of your airport experience.

Schedule Your Clients Properly

You must start by taking a look at the clients that you are taking in. You will have to get information on all the people who are going to use your limo at certain times. Get your appointments with your limo scheduled as early as possible and ask about the number of people who will be in a limo party.

This is important as it ensures you’ll have enough materials in the bar for all the people in that limo party. This is also to help you get more money because you can charge extra when more people are in the limo.

Airport Limo Tips

Prepare For Late Additions

Late additions might be brought onto your limo. These include cases where one or two extra people are to be in a party. Be sure to accept them if needed but to at least let your client know if you are able to take these people in. Also, let your client know that you will be charging more for having those extra people on board your limo. These charges should be described clearly so your client will at least know what to pay you when you do get that person on board. You might have to adjust the billing later on depending on how you take in that money for your airport limo.

Figure Out a Time-frame

The timing for when you’re going to be at an airport should be considered carefully. When dropping off people at the airport, you should arrive as early as possible to avoid airport travel delays. This is due to many airports starting to take in flights around that time period. Of course, security lines can get long at times, particularly on a Monday morning.

A good rule of thumb is to get someone out to the airport in your limo about 90 minutes to two hours before the client’s flight departs. You might have to add some time if it is a very busy time period like a Monday morning or around a special holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas where a much larger number of people will be flying out of the airport.

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

Be Prepared To Be Busy In the Morning

Your limo will be subjected to plenty of traffic in the morning hours. This is due to an airport taking in more flights in the morning. You must also be cautious as there’s a chance that you might run into crossing guards, people who might not be fully alert while driving and so forth. You must prepare for whatever might come about when driving your limo so you won’t struggle with anything on the road.

Make Your Limo Distinguishable

You will come across plenty of competition when you’re trying to get your limo out somewhere. You must make your limo look noticeable and instantly easy to spot. You might have to add an identifying number to your limo so it can be chosen from others.

You should not add any decals or new paints to the side of your limo though. Those would be harder to maintain and may harm the physical metals on the outside of your limo.

Instead, you should add a license plate to the front that lists the number of your limo. This can make it instantly recognizable to the passenger in the event that you’re going to pick that person up from outside the terminal. A decal on the front window may also be used with the number of your limo being listed there. Either way, make sure the particular decal you use is not in your line of sight while driving.

Find the Proper Limo Parking Space

In many cases you’ll have to get to the baggage claim section of the airport to meet with whoever you are going to take into your limo. You should ask your airport of interest where you need to go to in order to pick up someone and offer your service. This should help you with getting into an airport without having to pay much to get access to it. Also, this is to get your limo protected in a designated spot that it is supposed to be located at.

Remember, most people who will use your limo prefer it if you pick them up at the baggage claim area. Still, you should at least find a good parking space regardless of whether you can get into the baggage claim section or not. This is to at least keep you from being lost in some way.

Stick To One Party At a Time

You should not try and get multiple parties into your limo at once. While many taxis, shuttles and ride-share services allow ride sharing, this is not recommended for a limo. You are supposed to be offering a personalized and private experience for your clients.

You should already have several people in each party that you have anyway. You will have to make more trips to get more money since you can’t just offer ride sharing on your limo. Still, keeping the airport limo private and comfortable will at least be easier for all people in a limo to enjoy.

airport traffic tips

Watch For Airport Roads

While there are plenty of spots for limos and other transportation service vehicles to be found at outside a terminal, you have to be very cautious when on an airport road in your limo. These roads can be very packed.

What’s worse is that many of the vehicles out on the road might be from other transit companies that might be trying to crowd different spaces. These come from people who might try and take your fares. Of course, this makes it all the more important for you to schedule your limo pickup services in advance with any clients you get.

Also, many drivers at an airport terminal are ones that don’t have a clear idea of how the roads around a terminal work. They may be more likely to get into accidents or to go in the wrong spaces because they aren’t familiar with a spot.

You will have to take in plenty of space when turning with your limo so you will not be stuck in the wrong lanes. You will have to add a bit of leeway into your movements so you can carefully get such a long vehicle into the right spaces and lanes. In fact, you might want to stay in the right-most lane as often as possible if only to reduce the likelihood that you would have for turning off to another space.

Exchange Cell Phone Numbers

It’s easier for your client to approve of your services if you exchange contact information with that person. Specifically, you should exchange mobile phone numbers with your client so you can stay in touch. This is important for cases where you might miss the driver in a terminal or if you need to confirm that your limo is arriving at a certain time.


Contact the Client At the Right Time

Get in touch with your client about five minutes before your limo arrives. This is provided that you are picking a person up from the curb. Be sure you also list information on the identifying number or other feature of your limo for your client to look out for.

Don’t Pressure Tips

The last point to consider is to avoid trying to pressure people into tipping you. While a tip is encouraged, it is not necessarily mandatory. You should at least offer the best service with your limo so it will be instantly available. By offering better service, it might be easier for you to make money.

Besides, it is not like the tip for your limo service is going to be that big anyway. A typical tip might entail $10 per person. That would pretty much be small when compared with what you would get out of the actual fare for your limo service. Therefore, pressuring people into tipping you would only do you harm when it comes to getting your service out there.

To Conclude 11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

Prepare yourself well when you’re aiming to get out to the airport and you’ll certainly benefit. You will see that your airport transportation service will be highly regarded for offering a great service that brings people to the places that they want to go to. This can all work when you follow the right rules and use some sensible pointers when getting airport clients to use your limo. Also remember that American Limousine Sales can be the source of your new limousine purchases.

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