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How Tires Impact Your Ride: Everything You Need To Know

how tires impact your ride

How Tires Impact Your Ride

Have you ever thought about how tires impact your ride? On your personal car, you think more about price and safety. When it comes to limousines, you also have to think about the ride itself. After all, who wants to ride in a limo that rides more like a tank?

Though they aren’t flashy or pretty, tires make a major difference in the luxury level of any limo you buy. Putting the right tires on your limousines ensures your passengers have the smoothest and quietest ride possible. Before you choose the best deal over quality tires, consider how tires impact your ride.

Absorbs Impact

Roads aren’t nearly as smooth as they should be. Yes, your suspension handles some of the shock and impact of bumpy roads, but your tires are responsible for a large part. Tires with a larger side wall absorb impact better than thinner, cheaper tires. This means your passengers feel fewer bumps, making the ride far more luxurious than the average car. Another benefit is if your tires are absorbing most of the impact, your suspension isn’t working as hard, making it last longer.

Improved Traction

Better tread equals improved traction and an overall safer limousine. Keeping your passengers safe is a top priority for any limo owner. Safety isn’t the only benefit of better traction. Poor traction leads to slipping when trying to stop, sliding in curves and even slipping in wet weather. Your passengers might not notice safety when it comes to how tires affect your ride, but they will notice whether your limo slips and slides or stays in the road like it should. Make sure that if you have a bad limo tire that you change it as soon as possible.

Equal Performance In Any Weather

If you read the details on different types of tires, you’ll notice that some are better equipped to handle various types of weather. Some are designed specifically for rain, while others are more for snow. A general purpose tire is great, but you’ll get better performance from a higher grade tire designed for rain, snow and dry conditions. The tread is different, allowing for better traction and a smoother ride in all types of weather.

Cancels Out Noise

Many limousines use touring tires to help cancel out noise and get better fuel economy. Since you’re not likely to drive a limo like a sports car, you don’t need the same type of traction. When it comes to how tires impact your ride, the noise level should be a major consideration. Passengers expect a limousine to be quiet. Having to yell over the hum of a noisy tire isn’t exactly luxurious.

Offer A Balanced Ride

Every tire has a maximum weight capacity. Most people don’t pay much attention to this number when buying tires for their personal cars, but limousine owners need to take note. Limos are much larger and weigh more. Add 6-12 passengers and the weight increases.

If you choose tires that aren’t able to handle the load requirement of your limo, the ride is not only rougher, but unsafe. The tires have to work even harder and that makes them wear out quicker. It also increases the chance of a random flat or blowout.

Instead, choose tires that support or even exceed the load requirement of your limousine. You’ll rest easy knowing the tires are safer for your passengers and they’ll enjoy a much smoother ride.

Think Of How Tires Impact Your Ride

Before buying tires for your limousines, think of how tires impact your ride. Good tire maintenance is key to better performance, improved safety and more luxurious rides for your passengers. Investing in higher quality tires designed for limos helps your limos last longer and leads to more satisfied passengers every time.

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