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Hummer Limos For Sale – You’ll Find New and Used

 hummer limo for sale

Hummer Limo For Sale

What can be better than Hummer Limos For Sale? One of the best modern examples of the power of meta-story is Hummer. A beast first rolled out by action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 1990’s film “Kindergarden Cop” as military Humvee. This was the beginning of a man and beast love story.

There was no doubt why the star fell in love with this toy. It was the complete mirror image of him; big, brash and boxy a perfect match for a character of his making. Being a descendant of the legendary and
historical Chrysler family motors the beast was destined for greatness right from conception in 1992. The machine was introduced in the civilian market years after its use in the U.S military by the American Motors in partner with the action star back then and didn’t disappoint at all.

     Used Hummer Limo for Sale

All factors considered the Hummer Limousine should be your ultimate transport choice to that event if you want to make heads turn! One needs to say less when it comes to influencing the decision on this powerful vehicle. The Hummer trademark speaks for itself.

A custom make of this model provides you the utmost comfort and is totally worthy of your cash. Designed for performance the Hummer can cruise through rough terrain as smooth as any highway. This is one of the reasons people look for Hummer Limos For Sale. With unbeatable power, elegant design and a masculine body it’s the right vehicle for any event.

Become the street king with the 2006 pink 200-Inch Hummer H2 Limo # 2265 for sale in our dealership. You only live once right? Then better live it right with a pink hummer limo. Fitted with Single window conversion, a raised roof, and a two color tone, the interior couldn’t get any sweeter.

The limo couldn’t score a perfect 100% if not for its spectacular furnish with a stainless steel mirrored ceiling. That’s not all that this limo has to offer. It also rocks wrap around custom seats able to accommodate up to 10 people, with a VIP rear seating. An upgraded AM/FM stereo with surround sound sub-woofer keeps you and your friends entertained all through.

Purchase pink hummer limo today and get to enjoy all that among other excellent features. This Limo is retailing at only $45,995 cash. You can also own it on a lease to own arrangement that entails the payment of a down payment of only $14,995 followed by 48 monthly installments of only $995. It has only 107,000 miles on the mileage clock.

     2006 Black 20 inch Hummer H2 Limo

You can also opt for the 2006 Black 20 inch Hummer H2 Limo #2463. The limo sets its self apart from other ordinary limos by its interior lighting. From the floor to the ceiling the baby has a decorum of star lights and led color lights.

Professionally fitted on the mirror glass ceiling and other strategic areas around the interior, the lights
compliment each and every aspect of the limo creating a fascinating virtual world of the perfect 5-star club booth for a perfect hangout.

There is also the option of a customized 2006 200 inch Hummer H2 coastal Limo. This one is a fantastic one, with exceptional luxury and entertainment features. Some of them include a Heavy Duty a/c and heating an upgraded stereo sound system, flat screen TVs and custom wrap around seats.

An overhead emergency escape window raised the roof and a stainless steel ceiling further sets this Limo aside from competition. Review hummer limo inside by visiting our website. You can own it at only $47, 495 or opt for the lease to own option where you make a down payment of $12,995 followed by 48 monthly installments of $999 each. It has only 115,000 on the mileage clock, which is not bad for a hummer bearing in mind that it is built to last long.

All the three limos have excellent interior designs. There are built with privacy in consideration for they come with tinted windows and a privacy divider window. A heavy duty rear a/c and heating will create a perfect summer for you in the winter. The only thing missing to turn these sweet rides into resorts is a swimming pool.

     Why buy hummer limos from American Limousine Sales

Generations will tell tales of the world fall of dinosaurs, the ring dominance of Tyson and the existence of the street king; the Hummer limo. The sleek designs of these hummer limos sets them aside from the rest. With a touch of a great body work by skilled body fit engineers these exteriors always amaze our clients.

A perfect finish in a unique pink,white or black color makes the limos exteriors a total mind blower. Once you decide to buy Hummer limos, don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can hook you up with this and more Hummer limo rides. Depending on your specifications we promise to deliver on all your customization needs.

We offer irresistible ownership deals for all Hummer limos for sale. If you are looking for hummer limos for sale, then we are the best shot. Identify the stretch hummer limousine that best suits you from our inventory and let us get down to business. Don’t let this great deals just pass you. All our vehicles are in superb conditions and ready to hit the road. Don’t just step out in any limo, step out with the Hummer limousine and stand out from the rest!

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