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Here are questions that are asked frequently.

What Size Limousine Is Best? Traditionally the best size is based upon your market. Do your customers want to be transported in large groups? Or do you find that more frequent customers prefer to have a manageable size vehicle?

Like the 120″ stretch which is considered a 9 to 10 passenger. Smaller still are the two – six passenger vehicles which are the 70″ and 100″ limousines.

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 limousine services in the US, and over 30,000 worldwide. This does not take into account of all the private users.

Due to the custom work and beautiful luxurious interiors these are sought by international customers as well as domestic. Customers come from all over the world including; Pakistan, China, Japan, South Korea, Jordan, Tanzania, Shari Lanka, and many other places across the world.

The more secluded geography the more opportunity there is to get more per hour for your limousine. Of course you will need to be familiar with the local economy, customs, and traditions in order to maximize your sales.

How long should Limousine last me? Typically limousines carry a lifespan of 10 to 20 years.  The reliability of the vehicle is always up to the owner. Some of the steps that limousine owners can take to increase the lifespan of a limousine is to perform routine preventive maintenance.

Ensure that your limousine will give you the extra miles that it’s designed to give you by regular performed preventive maintenance. Remember, it’s a vehicle that has been extended and is now pulling more than it was designed to transport.

There are two types of warranties one is a manufacturer warranty which covers all of your basic engine components for a period of approximately three years or 50,000 miles or less in some cases. Once a vehicle is modified that is not approved by the manufacturer then the vehicles original manufacturing warranty is voided. Generally coach builders offer a limited warranty which covers all the modifications done by a limousine builder such as; electrical, paint, body, and certain interior components.

Not all items are covered and not all labor is covered. There are a few limitations and every vehicle has different terms and conditions on its warranty. Warranty can be a beneficial asset included in the purchase of a vehicle. However, in some cases the cost of repairs over the time period of a warranty doesn’t justify the warranty itself.

For example if you purchase a Brand New Limousine and in the first three years you have no major problems then the additional cost of purchasing an extended warranty is not justifiable in my opinion.

All limousines for sale by American limousine sales are centrally located in Los Angeles California 15 minutes away from the Los Angeles International Airport.

We offer complimentary pick up from the airport to our location. We are about 15 minutes away from the Los Angeles ocean deep water port. You can also see the inventory on:
Limousine Inventory

Yes, many do. Women seem to be able to sell the limousine service better over the phone. Due to their passion for the services and products of the Wedding business as well as Style and Fashion Industry.

Women are doing well in fashion, restaurant, and finance industry in the limousine business as an owner-operator driver and many other positions. As a matter of fact more females need to get into this business because there is a huge demand for unique creative service bundles.

The market is changing and evolving and so is the taste of today’s clients. Millennials are now coming into the marketplace spending their money which sets a new trend to capitalize the market.

Our research and sales patterns show the Hummer is still one of the most popular limousines in the market today. Second being the Chrysler. However, corporate transportation executives prefer something low-key such as a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Lincoln limousines are genuinely traditional streamline limousines that offer luxury performance and reliability with a 4.6 liter V8. Rear wheel drive with an airbag rear suspension. It is an icon in the industry. However, today’s market requires a more modern look and curb appeal such as the Chrysler 300.

It’s easy to customized and has a more futuristic look to it’s body. The Chrysler 300 is one of the most customized vehicle in the automotive market. Chrysler 300 has more after market products to offer then most vehicles that are stretched into limousines.

American Limousine Sales has a large inventory of limousines in stock ready to go. This means that customers can come and pick up their vehicle, Purchase it on the spot, or Finance it on the spot.

There is no wait time. New vehicles are ready to go. Used vehicles are ready to go. If it is required your limousine can be shipped within a couple of days.

One of the most substantial differences between new and used limousines is one comes with a new engine, and transmission, as well as new quality Interiors, which tend to impress clients more and increase business more often. You will still need to do your own due diligence and make sure that you can justify a new limousine purchase for your business by projecting what your sales revenues will be to justify the expense.

Used limousines are typically an opportunity for you to purchase a luxury vehicle at a lower price. You should be able to use it and rent it out to make a profit if the vehicle is in good running condition. Your goal here is not to invest a lot of money to keep it running.

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