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Custom Luxury Sprinter Limo For Sale

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Custom Built Sprinter Luxury Limousines

Serving the more particular clientele, we offer custom Sprinter limousine building. Stock vehicles are good enough to do the job, especially considering the degree of skill and expertise that goes into building limousines, but can sometimes miss the mark in one way or another. Some clients require a custom vehicle built from the ground up. We are a limo maker. Making luxury Sprinter limousine vehicles for your needs.

Realizing the challenges that our clients could potentially face when trying to customize their cars to their specific wants and needs, we took it upon ourselves to formulate a solution. Offering an alternative to customization of stock vehicles, we offer the client the chance to be a part of the construction of their custom limousine, having control over how their limousine looks and feels.
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Everything from the exterior paint color and wheels, to the interior materials, accessories and engine can be built according to client particulars. We go above and beyond to deliver the custom vehicle as per the client’s particular wants. We offer a number of design packages from which the client can choose in order to build the custom limousine of their dreams.

Looking to build your own custom Sprinter? We offer flexible and customized design packages, covering the interior, exterior, accessories and the engine. As with the custom party buses or executive sprinters, our team of designers and engineers will work with the client to understand what they want out of their custom limousine, and deliver it.

A customized luxury vehicle not only appeals to your personal tastes in appearance and accessories, but can be a powerful way to enhance your brand and presentation. We offer custom vehicles built from the ground up, so that the custom elements are part of the vehicle and not merely additions put in after the fact.

     New Custom Built Luxury Sprinters Just For You

It is our belief that the process of acquiring luxury vehicles should be easy and painless. We strive to make our system efficient, quick and easy from beginning to end. Our application process is fast and simple, available in both individual and joint forms. The application form is available online and we begin immediate communication with our clients following submission.

We have a representative available 24 hours every day for direct communication and queries over the telephone. Luxury items come at a cost and luxury cars are no exception. Their price after all is only commensurate with the amount of skill, money, research and expertise that was poured into their manufacture.    

We are of the opinion that our clients should be allowed to enjoy luxury without taking too hard of a financial hit. At American Limousine Sales we offer our clientele personalized financing packages that work for you and your personal luxury car needs, no matter the type of purchase.

After paying the deposit, we will deliver the customized vehicle after a six to eight week customization period. We offer a variety of customization options on both the inside and the outside of the car. The client can choose the vehicle’s exterior paint color, as well as window tinting and vinyl roofing. Inside the car, the client is provided with a large variety of accessories and furnishings.

The client is invited to choose the colors and materials that they want inside the car. Custom flooring is offered in granite, tile, lighted disco, hardwood or selected carpet. The client can further choose to have installed special effects lighting, audio and video accessories and to have the engine and transmission converted. So in conclusion. When you need a limo maker, or limousine builder to help give you that edge. Contact American Limousine Sales for luxury limousines custom built just for you.

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