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just arrived Brand new 5 door Chrysler 300 limousine for sale at American Limo Sales

Come to see what all the fuss is about at American Limousine Sales that has the best in luxury limousines for sale with easy financing and shipping anywhere.  You’ve seen the rest now come…more

5 Essential Things To Consider When Buying A Limo

Did you know that the 218-inch SUV limo has a sitting capacity of a whopping 24 passengers? This kind of limo is among the rare super-stretch luxury cars that awe car enthusiast. Limos have…more

Used Limo Sales Not A Dying Trend For The Foreseeable Future

Used Limo Sales – Not A Dying Trend It’s been ages since the advent of the stretch limousine. Almost an entire century back in the year 1928, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a limousine was…more

New Town Car Or Is This Just Another MKT?

We have been there and done that I know We thought that Lincoln stopped making the New Town Car due to it being too good.  I have seen them with 500,000 miles its crazy…more

What Is a Convertible Limo?

When you think of a limousine, the first thing that comes to mind is a vehicle with a long body and a solid top. You might think about the bar, entertainment features and fancy…more

Top Limousine Entertainment Features Make It More Marketable

Top Limousine Entertainment Features To many people, the concept of a fancy television set or high-end media system in a vehicle is a luxury. To anyone who has a limousine, it is a necessity….more

Old Limousine Fleet? Why Custom Limousines Are Better

Do you have an old limousine fleet that’s not attracting as many customers as it used to? You don’t have to keep dealing with it. Instead, try custom limousines instead. Think of it as…more

Custom SUV Limousines – 7 Reasons To Build An SUV

Custom SUV Limousines Custom SUV limousines are gaining in popularity. While at one point, they were rare due to higher fuel costs, they’re making a comeback and passengers are loving them. You’ll still want…more

Hybrid Limousines – The New Green Trend In Limos

Hybrid limousines might not be your first thought when it comes to luxury vehicles, but a green trend is emerging in the limo industry. What started as just a few novelty vehicles has turned…more

Choosing Limo Builder – Only Trust Experts

Choosing Limo Builder – Only Trust Experts. Choosing a limo builder involves far more than just seeing who offers the lowest price. You want a limo builder with experience and a good reputation in…more

Custom Building Limousine Guide – What You Should Know

Before making any major plans for your custom limo, you need a custom building limousine guide. This gives you the insight you need to turn your creative vision into a truly luxurious work of…more

Customizing Your Limo Fleet – 5 Advantages For Business

Customizing Your Limo Fleet Customizing your limo fleet might sound unnecessary. After all, every limo’s the same right? When limousines weren’t as common, it was fine if they were all the same. Today, it’s…more

Limousine Color Reflects Your Limo Personality

Limousine Color Reflects Your Limo Personality Choosing a limousine color is just as crucial to your brand’s success as the quality of the limo itself. While color isn’t something many consider that important, the…more

Limousine Accessories – New Limo Build Must Haves

Some limo owners don’t believe limousine accessories are that important. If the suit makes the man, then the accessories make the limousine. Without them, the limo is just a plain, long car. Who wants…more

Your New Hand Crafted Limo Is Special For These 5 Reasons

Hand Crafted Limo Why would you consider buying a new hand crafted limo versus adding a non-custom limo to your fleet? The answer is simple – hand crafted limos are special. The entire purpose…more

The Devil Is In The Details – Make Your Limousine Stand Out

Make Your Limousine Stand Out You always want ways to stand out from your competitors. You would think a nice limousine fleet would be enough, but then again, the competition has an almost identical…more

Not All Limousines Are Created Equal

When Not All Limousines Are Created Equal When you think of a limousine, what is your first thought? We’re used to hearing the same response – elegant, black stretch limousine. While that’s a popular…more

5 Ways To Pimp Your Limousine

5 Ways To Pimp Your Limousine A limo is a limo, right? Wrong. Every limousine doesn’t have to be a standard stretch in black or white with gray or tan seating. The sky’s the…more

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