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5 Essential Things To Consider When Buying A Limo

Did you know that the 218-inch SUV limo has a sitting capacity of a whopping 24 passengers? This kind of limo is among the rare super-stretch luxury cars that awe car enthusiast. Limos have…more

Win At Client Relations With These 3 Must Dos

You’ve built a stunning limousine fleet, but now how do you win at client relations? Limos are only profitable if you have clients using them. By knowing how to make your customers happy, they’ll…more

5 Limousine Services Other Than Transfers

5 Limousine Services Your hotel limousines aren’t just for transferring your guests to and from the hotel. Supply limousine services for a wide variety of activities and events. Here are 5 Limousine Services, Other…more

The Devil Is In The Details – Make Your Limousine Stand Out

Make Your Limousine Stand Out You always want ways to stand out from your competitors. You would think a nice limousine fleet would be enough, but then again, the competition has an almost identical…more

Not All Limousines Are Created Equal

When Not All Limousines Are Created Equal When you think of a limousine, what is your first thought? We’re used to hearing the same response – elegant, black stretch limousine. While that’s a popular…more

8 Features To Include In Your Hotel Limousine Fleet

8 Features To Include In Your Hotel Limousine Fleet Everyone has their own idea of what a luxurious limo should be. All of your hotel guests have high expectations, but your hotel limousine fleet…more

6 Things To Include In Your Hotels Limousine Fleet

Your Hotels Limousine Fleet Your hotel’s limousine fleet serves two purposes – providing your guests with luxurious transportation and impressing them so they return. If your fleet is missing even a single crucial element,…more

Building Your Limousine Fleet For Success

  Building Your Limousine Fleet Are you considering the possibility of starting your own business? Do you have a significant amount of capital to work with? Can secure a loan? A great business that…more

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