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just arrived Brand new 5 door Chrysler 300 limousine for sale at American Limo Sales

Come to see what all the fuss is about at American Limousine Sales that has the best in luxury limousines for sale with easy financing and shipping anywhere.  You’ve seen the rest now come…more

National Limousine Association and Limousine Association of New Jersey Applaud New Jersey Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney’s Fight for Fair Labor

The National Limousine Association (NLA) and the Limousine Association of New Jersey (LANJ) applaud New Jersey Senate President, Stephen M. Sweeney for his support in sponsoring the bill, S-863, which follows a suite of…more

To Porsche or not to Porsche that is the question?

Dear Limo Lovers everywhere,  I know what  you are thinking. Is this another sales push? Well… it is so enjoy this Porsche story and give us a call to complain about it later. What…more

New Town Car Or Is This Just Another MKT?

We have been there and done that I know We thought that Lincoln stopped making the New Town Car due to it being too good.  I have seen them with 500,000 miles its crazy…more

9 Tips For Offering Hourly Limo Rentals

You can make a great deal of money off of your limo when you offer hourly limo rentals. These let you get to more people but you will have to watch for how you’re…more

8 Key Factors That Directly Impact the Value of a Limo

     8 Key Factors That Directly Impact the      Value of a Limo You might be amazed at the vast variety of different types of limos that are out there for your use. What are…more

What Is a Convertible Limo?

When you think of a limousine, the first thing that comes to mind is a vehicle with a long body and a solid top. You might think about the bar, entertainment features and fancy…more

Does Color Make a Difference For Limousines?

Does Color Make a Difference For Limousines? The physical appearance of a limo might not be something you think about when finding a good choice for your business needs. Even with this, it could…more

Tinted Windows Are Perfect For Limos

Tinted Windows Are Perfect For Limos The luxury of riding in a limo is great in that people can do all kinds of things in a limousine cabin without being seen by anyone. The…more

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners

11 Airport Limo Tips for Limousine Business Owners When it comes to finding places that you can bring your limo out to when picking up clients, no place is quite as useful as your…more

Top Limousine Entertainment Features Make It More Marketable

Top Limousine Entertainment Features To many people, the concept of a fancy television set or high-end media system in a vehicle is a luxury. To anyone who has a limousine, it is a necessity….more

Wedding Limo Owners – 10 Key Considerations

Wedding Limo A limo can be a great vehicle to have for a wedding. A good wedding limo is one that will provide the bride and groom with a luxurious place to be in…more

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