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Electric Vehicles – Reasons Why More People Are Not Buying

Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles - Reasons Why More People Are Not Buying

The concept of the purchase of electric vehicles has gained a certain degree of popularity among motorists. It’s a good idea, but why is it that more people don’t purchase electric vehicles than those who do?

Electric Vehicles – More People Are Not Buying

One reason is that is seems that the majority of car buyers are simply not that informed about electric vehicles. Old habits are hard to change. The habit of buying cars with internal combustion engines that operate solely on fossil fuels.

Another reason for the lack of sales of the electric vehicles is the lack of public charging facilities. People fear that if they have to travel for any distance, they will run out of power. Of course, that problem has been dispelled with the combination internal combustion coupled with battery power. When the engine runs, it charges the batteries of the car.

One of the major reasons that truly electric cars have not been a great success is the initial price tag. The Tesla roadster requires an investment of $100,000 which puts out of the financial reach of the average consumer. The Tesla has a range of nearly 300 miles.  After which it needs to be recharged. So far it does not reach the criteria that would  make it popular for most people.

The truly, totally electric vehicle just does not have the range to go on trips. While it is convenient to just travel around town, most of us do lots of driving out of town for events, shopping, business and visiting relatives. Until electric cars are able to have a wider reach, they will not catch on. Even the hybrids, such as the combination gasoline motor paired with batteries, are still very pricey and have not totally caught on either.

     Charging Station

Well, if you run out of electricity, can’t you just charge your car? Of course you can, but you have to find a charging station, and it can take up to 20 hours just to fully charge the car. And you can’t just pull up to someone’s house or business and ask for a charge, so lack of availability of charging facilities is a major setback.

Electric cars are supposed to reduce pollution, but consider that they do rely on fossil fuel sources of electricity to get charged, which requires more reliance on the current grid than was present before.

The Nickel-Hybrid batteries that are produced for the electric cars cause a great deal of pollution in their manufacture. Battery disposal is a big issue as the materials that are in the batteries are very toxic, and if disposed incorrectly can be very hazardous to the environment.

At the present time it is so easy to get gasoline to fuel your combustion engine car, the prospect  of suffering any inconvenience at all with an electric car seems pointless to most consumers. This is the spirit of the automobile, that is to be able to travel anywhere we wish conveniently. The electric car has a long way to go to achieve this level of convenience.

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