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What should I know about the warranty?

There are two types of warranties one is a manufacturer warranty which covers all of your basic engine components for a period of approximately three years or 50,000 miles or less in some cases. Once a vehicle is modified that is not approved by the manufacturer then the vehicles original manufacturing warranty is voided. Generally coach builders offer a limited warranty which covers all the modifications done by a limousine builder such as; electrical, paint, body, and certain interior components.

Not all items are covered and not all labor is covered. There are a few limitations and every vehicle has different terms and conditions on its warranty. Warranty can be a beneficial asset included in the purchase of a vehicle. However, in some cases the cost of repairs over the time period of a warranty doesn’t justify the warranty itself.

For example if you purchase a Brand New Limousine and in the first three years you have no major problems then the additional cost of purchasing an extended warranty is not justifiable in my opinion.

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