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Limousine Engine Size – Whats Best For Your Limousine?

Limousine Engine Size

Your limousine will certainly need a powerful engine.  But what Limousine Engine Size will work best for you. After all, you’ve got lots of weight to pull with a limo. The people who will be in the back of your limo make for just a small portion of the extensive weight you will have to bear with.

The engine you get is often similar to something you might find in a much larger luxury car or sport utility vehicle. The fact that many limos are made with bodies based off of some of these fancy vehicles does help.

When aiming to find an engine, you have to look carefully at many pointers. These relate to many aspects of getting a quality engine to start running well. You will have to look carefully to see that you have a good engine that fits in perfectly with the particular type of limo you’ve got. Anything that makes it easier for you to handle the weight or to even get it powered up helps too.

The type of fuel you have to work with can make a difference as well. Your engine is an extremely intricate part of a limo and will work in its own unique way depending on the model you have.

How Many Cylinders?

You will typically find engines that work with six or eight cylinders. This is typically good enough to help you get your engine powered up right.

The cylinders are used to improve how well the engine can perform. The cylinders are responsible for creating enough energy to get the vehicle running. You will require more cylinders if you have an engine that requires extra power to move a big body forward or if it needs to attain a better speed.

Limousine Engine Size

Needless to say, a six-cylinder engine is clearly smaller in size and therefore less likely to use loads of fuel. An eight-cylinder engine is a necessity if your limo is large and needs lots of power to work.

Be advised that a vehicle with more cylinders will use more fuel. This will reduce the overall fuel economy of the limo. This could be a real concern with regards to fuel, which is a point that will be covered not long from now.

What’s the Base Engine Size?

The engine size is measured by the number of liters in that unit. This may also be referred to as its displacement. This size refers to not necessarily the physical size of the engine but rather the size of the cylinders and the specific number of cylinders that are in it. Sure, the engine is physically larger when more parts are in it but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. You may want to refer to an engine size chart to help you with this understanding.

The liters refer to the total size of the cylinders in the engine. Naturally, you’re going to get more liters in that engine if it has more cylinders. A limo will more than likely have a 3.5L engine at the least with a much larger limo requiring something a little bigger and more powerful.

The cubic centimeters, or cc, in the engine is essentially the same in consideration in that a vehicle with more cc has a larger series of cylinders. If a limo is listed as having a 3500cc engine then it is a 3.5L engine. Meanwhile, a 4075cc engine will be listed at 4.1L. The total measurement of the engine should be checked carefully based on how it is made.

How Much Horsepower Do You Need?

The number of horsepower on your limo’s engine should be reviewed carefully. A limo should have at least 500hp in its engine although it can have more if you need something a little larger.

engine inside image

The horsepower refers to the total amount of power generated by the engine. You’ll need to get more horsepower if you want to pull a much larger limo around. A big stretch limo will certainly need an engine with 600hp or greater.

How Is the Drive?

An engine will work with a particular drivetrain. You will often find either a front or rear wheel drive. You’ll have to choose a proper option based on the type of driving needs you have when getting a limo up and running.

Front Wheel Drive

The first two of drive for an engine is a front wheel drive option. This is where the front wheels will pull the car, thus getting it in motion. This typically works with traction in mind.

A front wheel drive is typically found in less expensive limos. This is thanks to it being cheaper to install. The drive-train is easy to install while fewer parts are required to make it work. This makes for a popular choice to have when getting a limo set up right.

A front wheel drive keeps the transmission and axles from being separate. This allows the car to stay lighter in weight and therefore capable of getting better fuel economy.

A front wheel drive engine can be found on smaller limos. This is thanks to how it works better with lighter vehicles that aren’t too big.

This type of engine will not run too quickly though. It also has to go a little slower to make it easier for the vehicle to stay steady when it is steering.

Rear Wheel Drive

A rear wheel drive is popular option for limos in that it is more powerful an easier to handle. That is, it will not put the vehicle at risk of shifting or shaking around while moving along the highway.

The rear wheels will push the car forward in this option. This works with most engines as a means of making it easier for the car to be controlled. This helps with creating a smoother drive and can do quite well when getting your limo out at faster speeds.

This is ideal for most limo operators. In fact, most engines these days offer rear wheel drive options simply because it is a little easier for a car to operate under this setup. The engine can also use the added power that it has to get the rear wheels moving. This can certainly stand out in your limo but it will be important to watch for how well it is being used depending on the payload. The engine must still be still strong to work with not only the wheels but the added weight that it is propelling while on the road.

All Wheel Drive

You’re not likely to find many all wheel drive limos out there but they do exist. This works with all four wheels generating power. This is typically easier to find on a limo that is based off of a much larger SUV.

Can You Use Something Other Than Gas?

It’s clear that a vast majority of limo engines will run on traditional gasoline. The grade of fuel that you will have to work with will vary by each vehicle. A smaller V6 engine will often work with a variety of fuel options.

However, a much larger V8 engine will probably require a higher grade of fuel. You’ll have to consider this when it comes to your budget as it can cost at least thirty cents more per gallon to use a higher grade of fuel when compared with unleaded. The fact that a limo with a V8 engine will probably use more fuel on average only makes it more important for you to watch for this expense.

A higher grade of gas can handle pre-ignition or knocking processes a little better than other options. This is a part of why larger engines typically require higher fuel grades.

Can Diesel Work?

You can always find an option that uses diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is used in many engines as a means of keeping the engine working well. Maintenance costs may be lower depending on the limo you choose when you get this to work for you. This is especially as diesel does not burn as hot as traditional gas does, thus extending the life of a diesel engine.


This option is already in use with the limo for the President of the United States. It is not as easy to find in other limos though.

The fuel that is used by your diesel engine will not cause any sparking in the engine. This keeps the engine from suffering from too much fatigue.

Naturally, you might be put off by diesel when you consider how much it costs to get diesel when compared with other fuels. Still, the improved maintenance functions in the engine and the ability of that engine to potentially give you better mileage will certainly be a worthwhile option.

Is a Hybrid Available?

Although hybrid engines have become very popular in recent time, it is very difficult to even find a limousine that offers one. A hybrid engine works with gas and electric power alike to reduce emissions and to improve the fuel economy in the vehicle. Considering how massive engines for limos can be, this could make for a huge upgrade.

Limousine Engine Size Image

Even with this, the engine on such a limo will more than likely not be all that strong. This comes as the limo will have to keep the engine from running while it is idling. The lighter engine can certainly keep the limo from moving too quickly.

Also, the improvement in fuel economy in a hybrid limo may not be too strong when you consider the weight of the electric battery. This will reduce your dependency on fuel but that doesn’t mean the vehicle will go extremely far before it has to be filled up again.

Conclusion of Limousine Engine Size

Check carefully when looking at the Limousine Engine Size you want to buy. The things that go into it are amazingly varied. From its size to how it works with your wheels to even the type of fuel you use, you will have to look carefully to see how well this might work for you.

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