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2005 White Lincoln Towncar Limo #1059

Price: $11,495

Features Overview

    Selling Price $11,495 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $3,495 due at signing with $348/month for 48 months.

    Features: J-seat, Charcoal-Black Interior, Wood-Bar, Wood-Trim Interior, Mirrored-Ceiling, Privacy-Divider Window, Exterior Coach-Lights, Vinyl-Top, Rear Heavy-Duty A/C and Heating, Power Windows, Power Locks, V-8 Engine, 4.6 Liter, Ice-Bin WITH LED's, Cup-Holders, AM/FM-Stereo WITH CD-Player, DVD-Player, Three Flat- Screens.

    2005 White Lincoln Towncar Limo

    When looking for an affordable preowned limo, the 2005 White Lincoln Towncar Limo will provide you with more than enough amazing features with a strong deal. You can order this limo for $11,495 or you can lease to own at $348 per month for 48 months with a $3,495 payment due at signing.

    The 2005 White Lincoln Towncar Limo has 210,000 miles on its 4.6L V8 engine. This is a rear wheel drive model that uses an automatic transmission. It operates quite well and has a strong chassis to create a comfortable ride. The engine itself is especially reliable and will move the limo along well no matter how many people might be in it.

    It has a vibrant white exterior that is paired with a charcoal black interior with a wood trim. There are also some coach lights on the outside body of the limo.

    The limo has a vinyl top and visible luxury accents on its tinted windows. A mirrored ceiling is included to create a brighter look.

    There are plenty of powered features on the inside as well. The privacy divider window can be moved up or down with the push of a button. The vehicle also offers power windows and locks that have their own individual button controls. The driver can adjust all of these windows and locks from one spot.

    The passenger cabin has a J-seat arrangement. It comes with a wood trim design while the soft charcoal black seats provide everyone on the inside with plenty of comfort.

    The seat itself has a few contours around its body. These include contours with a few grooves around the seating area. These grooves are designed to help with creating a stronger look that will stand out and create a nice tone.

    A heavy duty AC and heating system is included in the passenger cabin. This works with a control setup located at the top part of the cabin. This allows passengers to quickly adjust the conditions inside the cabin to be stronger and easier to handle.

    The wood bar comes with cup holders and plenty of flat drink preparation areas. The ice bin even comes with its own LED lighting system. There are more than enough cup holders around the preparation area to create some spots for displaying glasses or for making them ready for new people who come into the area. This even comes with its own bin area for trash so it won’t be hard to clean out the limo after people have finished using it.

    2005 White Lincoln Towncar Limo

    An AM/FM stereo is included with a CD player. The player can be quickly accessed near the bar area. A DVD player is also included with three flat screen television sets linking up to the player. The screens are positioned in places where it should be very easy for items to be displayed as necessary. This provides everyone in the limo with plenty of entertainment.

    With an affordable value, the 2005 White Lincoln Town car Limo will certainly stand out among the other limos you can find. Contact us if you have added questions about the limo or if you want to see it up close.

    Should you have any questions please call: (310)762-1710 OR text: (323)209-8510.

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