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2006 White 200-inch Coastal Hummer H2 Limo for sale #2487

Price: $44,995

Features Overview
  • champagne bucket
  • Champagne Glass Holders
  • custom bar
  • emergency overhead escape window
  • heavy duty rear a/c and heating
  • laser
  • led color ceiling lights
  • privacy divider window. Built by coastal coach works
  • raised roof
  • rear VIP seating
  • ruffled seats
  • Single window conversion
  • stainless steel mirrored ceiling
  • star lights
  • sub woofer
  • two color tone interior
  • upgraded AM/FM stereo with surround sound
  • wrap around custom seats

    White 200-inch Coastal Hummer H2 Limo #2487
    Make: Hummer
    Model: H2
    Miles: 115,000
    Builder: Coastal Coachworks
    Stretch Size: 200-inches

    Selling price: $44,995 or $14,995 due at signing
    and $999 x 48 months. (sales tax and registration fees not included)

    Single window conversion, raised roof, two color tone interior, stainless steel mirrored ceiling, star lights, led color ceiling lights, privacy divider window,
    Built by coastal coach works, single window conversion, wrap around custom seats, rear VIP seating, upgraded AM/FM stereo with surround sound, sub woofer, emergency overhead escape window, laser, heavy duty rear a/c and heating.
    Please call or text (323) 209-8510 for more information.

    The 2006 white 200-inch coastal hummer H2 Limo for sale #2487 available for sale at is worth your consideration if you have been craving for a limo. The Hummer H2 limo built by Coastal Coachworks beats most limo models due to its superior off-road capabilities.

    If you have been looking for a limo that can take you virtually anywhere the law allows, then here is your deal. This Hummer H2 Limo is a full time All Wheel Drive, has enhanced suspension, and has a good ground clearance, making it an able off-road monster SUV.
    It can comfortably cruise through rough, dusty roads an experience that would be nerve wrecking with ordinary town limos due to their low ground clearance.

    The Hummer trademark speaks for itself and is worth paying more for. Hummers and particularly the H2 rarely disappoint. You have two options for making this limo yours. One option is paying cash for it, and the other is acquiring it through a lease agreement.

    On a cash basis the limo costs only $44,995 while on the lease basis you make a down payment of $14,995 at signing and 48 monthly installments of $999 each. The installments are exclusive of sales tax and registration fees. Considering that the limo has only done 115, 000 miles, and is a Hummer H2, these prices are unbeatable. Such deals don’t knock at your door every day.

    Everything about the 2006 WHITE 200-INCH COASTAL HUMMER H2 LIMO FOR SALE #2487 available at American Limousine Sales, is distinctively unique. Its white exterior looks rugged and firm, just what you need for that out of town private cruise with friends on a weekend.

    Its’ Tan interior, however, speaks a different story, a story of unmatched luxury, comfort, and entertainment. The only thing missing on this monster SUV is a swimming pool. First, to cater for your comfort in all kinds of environment the limo’s cabin is fitted with powerful, heavy duty heating and air conditioning.

    Whether cruising in the hot, rugged jungles of California or the chilling hinterlands of Dakota you are guaranteed of perfect cabin temperatures. The seats are custom wrap around and have a VIP configuration unique to Hummer limos. These seats can accommodate up to 10 people.

    The lighting on the interior of this limo is also something worth mentioning. Electrical engineers at Coastal Coachworks took their craftsmanship a notch higher and engraved LED lights on a stainless steel mirrored ceiling and most of the surfaces of the cabin.

    The outcome was a quality lighting system emitting just the right quality of light for different needs just a press of a button. The entertainment system is top notch with an upgraded AM/FM radio with surround sound, and a sub-woofer.

    The limo has an extra raised roof, a considerably large body with a stretch of 200 inches. An overhead emergency escape window comes as an added advantage. It also has an inter cabin privacy divider window, and has is built on the single window conversion platform.

    For more information on the 2006 WHITE 200-INCH COASTAL HUMMER H2 LIMO FOR SALE #2487 call or text (323) 209-8510.

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