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2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limo #1881 Buy Today!

Price: $19,995

Features Overview

    Built by Moonlight

    Selling Price $19,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $5,995 due at signing
    with $488/month for 48 months.

    White 180-inch Lincoln Limo
    Other features include: 2008 Model, WHITE 180-inch Lincoln Town-Car Limousine, Upgraded Suspension,Single-Window Exterior Conversion, LED Opera-Lights, Vinyl-top, Dual Batteries, Dual Alternators, Custom Two-Color-Tone Interior WITH Black and Grey, Hard-Wood-Floor, Stainless-Steel Mirrored Ceiling, Color changing Star-Lights, Dome Lights, Custom Bar, Privacy-Divider Window, Alloy Wheels, Dual Ice-Bins, Cup-Holders, Heavy-Duty Rear Air Conditioning and Heating, Limo Touch-Control-System, Rotating A/C Vents, Rear AM/FM-Stereo WITH Surround-Sound-Speaker system, Sub-Woofer, Flat-screens, DVD-Player, AND MUCH MORE!!

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    A review of 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine available for sale

    When you want to buy 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine, you should know the features or specs that will enable you enjoy your ride upon buying one. Those who have bought it have always had something special whenever they are looking for a good ride to explore the city of their choice. Here is a review of the 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine that you can buy:

    What is the price when buying?

    This 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine will cost you $19,995 when buying it from the dealers who sell it either online or offline. Since it is a 2008 model, you will always get refurbished ones as you get the best quality car that comes with luxury. It has many features of luxury that makes it one of the best cars you can ever get when looking for a quality purchase. However, the price range can also differ depending on the online retail that you select when buying it.

    What are the Specs?

    This 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine has features that would improve your style as well as class when looking for the best luxury car. It is an engine capacity of 230-torque and V-6 automatic transmission system that makes it one of the highly rated cars you can ever get when you need a perfect car. All the people who have bought it have always been satisfied by the quality especially when you want that modern luxurious car to buy for your wedding celebration or when rejoicing an event in your life.

    In terms of acceleration, this 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine has an excellent acceleration that makes it among the best cars you can easily buy today. For instance, you can move from zero to 40 miles in just 15 seconds. This makes it have a higher acceleration speed when compared to other common Lincoln Limousines models available for sale.

    What about the exterior and interior features?

    For maximum leisure and style, 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine has excellent interior features. You will have a spacious room where you can have fun if looking for new Lincoln Limousine to buy depending on your city of residence.

    In terms of entertainment, you will always find that 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine has modern music system that makes it one of the best options you ever have as you do choose it from the market. When you need a good Lincoln Limousine, you can always buy it since it will satisfy personal and family needs. It has leather and spongy seats for maximum comfort and style.

    Its exterior also look amazing since it comes with style whenever you need a perfect Limousine for buy. With its elegant design, you will always feel that you are riding on a good Limousine during your wedding. You must seek help from dealers who have experience in selling 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine if you want to save money at the same time getting a good deal. For instance, it can comfortably accommodate about 12 people when traveling long distances.

    In conclusion, this review 2008 White 180-inch Lincoln Limousine should help you know the features to expect before buying one.

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