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2006 White 120-inch Lincoln Limo #1022

Price: $14,495

Features Overview

    Selling Price $14,495 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $4,995 due at signing
    with $399/month for 48 months

    Features: V-8 4.6 Liter Engine Powered By: GAS and CNG. Rear AM/FM-Stereo WITH CD-Player, DVD-Player, 15" LCD Flat-Screen TV, Custom-Bar, Two Ice-Bins, Champagne-Well, Cup-Holders, Rear Heavy-Duty Air Conditioning and Heating, Mirrored Ceiling WITH Star-Lights, Fiber-Optic Lighting, Dome Courtesy Lights, Privacy- Divider Window, J-Seating, Carpet-Floor, Moon-Roof, Alloy Wheels, Chrome-Grill, Exterior Chrome Coach-Lights, Vinyl-Top, Air-Bag Suspension, Rear Wheel Drive, Automatic Transmission, Very clean!!

    The 2006 White 120-Inch Lincoln Limo is an extended model with one of the most powerful engines in the limo industry. This limo has 146,000 miles on its engine. This is an especially clean model that looks just like new and still operates just as well as it did when it came off of the assembly line.

    You can purchase the 2006 White 120-Inch Lincoln Limo for $14,495 or you can lease it at $399 per month for 48 months. Either payment option will provide you with a strong deal.

    This limo is powered by a 4.6L V8 engine. This is powered by gas and CNG alike. The engine is powerful enough to keep a consistent ride going without creating a great deal of vibrations. This will certainly move the heavy weight of the limo all along the road.

    This vehicle uses a rear wheel drive setup and has an automatic transmission that responds quite well. The air-bag suspension especially allows for a safe and comfortable ride.

    The white exterior especially makes the limo noticeable on the streets. The black interior especially creates a good contract that also exudes a sense of luxury. The chrome coach lights on the outside and the alloy wheels will especially create a good look while making it easier for the driver to see. The chrome grill especially adds a classy look.

    The vehicle has a full series of entertainment features for passengers. It has a rear AM/FM stereo system with a CD player plus a separate DVD player. A 15-inch LCD flat screen television set is also added for everyone’s entertainment.

    There are two ice bins on the sides along with a champagne well. Cup holders are also added to create a great experience while allowing everyone’s drinks to be carefully organized. The custom bar especially makes serving drinks easy and fun. The bar has a strong compartment setup that allows glasses to be stored securely when not in use. The cup holders will especially fit a majority of glasses as required.

    The seating is comfortable for everyone with the fine cushioned seats coming with strong black tones. The carpeted floor especially creates a sense of luxury. A J-seat arrangement is also included to create a more comfortable experience for everyone on the inside.

    There is also a rear heavy-duty air conditioner and heater with a simple control scheme. This is located near the main control for the lights, divider panel and other features around the cabin. The AC and heater unit will keep everyone comfortable at any time in the year.

    For the lighting, the vehicle comes with a mirror ceiling that has star lights to add to its beauty. Fiber optic lighting is used all around the vehicle with dome courtesy lights added to make it easier for passengers to see all around the place. The lights can always be adjusted in intensity to create a more atmospheric or intimate setting.

    Be sure to consider the 2006 White 120-Inch Lincoln Limo when looking for a classy and clean option. This is a choice that is just like new and has a strong deal attached to it whether you want to buy or lease this fine limo.
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