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1998 Van Hool T2145 Party Bus #4500

Price: $38,995

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    Selling Price $38,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $19,945 due at signing,
    with $599 a month for 48 months.

    Features: Custom Limousine interior, ruffled seats, full size bar in rear, 42" flat screen in rear, restroom, disco ceiling, over head storage compartments, wood floor, surround-sound stereo system with CD player, DVD player,
    USB hook up for iPod or mp3 player, air suspension, air brakes, automatic transmission, Cummings engine, Diesel engine, electric door, heavy-duty air conditioning and heating.

    1998 Van Hool T2145 Party Bus

    The 1998 Van Hool T2145 Party Bus is a vehicle that is perfect for all your party and entertaining needs. This is available right now with a selling price of $38,995. You can also lease it at $599 a month for 48 months with $19,495 due at signing.

    This party bus has 441,389 miles and offers a rear wheel drive setup. It includes an automatic transmission as well. The vehicle has a powerful organization that will certainly make a difference when it comes to creating a good arrangement.

    This bus offers a standard white exterior. This has a series of luggage compartments on the bottom part of the vehicle. It also uses six wheels to help keep the vehicle’s grip under control while also offering a strong transmission.

    The vehicle has an air suspension system and air brakes. A Cummings diesel engine is also added to help get the engine running. An electric door is also added to quickly bring people in and out.

    The bus dashboard offers a series of simple and easy to use buttons that are carefully labeled. It also has a radio and CD player with a separate DVD player on the side. A Voyager paging system is also included with separate PA and radio tuning controls included. Separate buttons are also used to trigger different lighting features.

    A USB hookup is also used for handling a portable media player. This is separate from the CD and DVD players.

    The media players all work with a surround sound stereo system that covers the entire cabin. The 42-inch flat screen television set in the rear provides people with plenty of entertainment.

    Overhead storage compartments are added at the top for many storage needs. The lighting around the ceiling even comes with a disco effect with some appealing and bright colors.

    The custom limo interior has ruffled seats with a black tone. This has some great curves on the seated parts as well.

    The heavy duty AC and heating system helps with making it easier for the air to circulate well. the vents for the system are scattered around the body of the cabin.

    The wood floor is comfortable and smooth. It has a very classy look with a darker tone all around. This creates a beautiful organization that reflects light well.

    The bar area is right next to the television set. This has a few cup holders and a small ice well. Some serving trays are included as well.

    This vehicle even comes with its own bathroom. It has its own separate toilet and sink space. This is all located at the end of the bus. A curtain is also used to cover up the window for privacy while still letting in a bit of light. A door is also included with a lock to ensure the user’s privacy while taking care of one’s personal business.

    The 1998 Van Hool T2145 Party Bus has a great series of features that will certainly be perfect for anyone who wants a great vehicle for entertainment purposes. This vehicle has more than enough great features for everyone to use.

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