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2016 Mercedes Benz 3500 luxury Sprinter Limo

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    2016 Black Mercedes Benz 3500 luxury Sprinter Limo Van #1466
    Miles: 250
    Make: Mercedes Benz
    Model: 3500 Sprinter 170-inch extended
    Builder: American Limousine Sales
    Engine: 3.0 liter Bluetech Diesel

    Features: Chrome wheels, high top roof, entry step, heavy duty air conditioning and heating, plush seating, storage under seats, rear luggage space, surround sound stereo with sub-woofer, 2000 watt amplifier, 43" HDTV in front and rear, privacy divider window, wood floor, custom ceiling design, mood lighting, courtesy interior lighting.

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    2016 Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter Luxury Limo Van - Should You Consider Getting One?

    Since Mercedes Benz made their U.S. debut into the van market in the back in 2001, constant competition from rivals such as Fiat and Citroen has seen the German manufacturer relentlessly refine their automobile in pursuit of perfection. With a selection of body styles designed to handle both people and cargo, including a sitting capacity of up to 12 people, it clear why the Sprinter is gaining popularity among many.


    Featuring a 15 unit audio system working together with a 5.8 inch, full color display, technology aboard the Sprinter is state of the art to make the experience more enjoyable. More features include; iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, automatic rain and light sensors, cruise control and Temp-matic air conditioning with rear air vents.

    With ample space to move around, you can comfortably seat up to a dozen people in full sized comfortable seats. Your passengers can relax with additional support from side bolsters and arm rests. Big trips are no big deal with plenty of room to store luggage.


    Probably the first feature you`d notice looking at the front end of the car is the three slat grille branding the Mercedes, three star emblem. Additionally, the car comes fitted with dynamic headlights and LED daytime running lamps with a more streamlined front lower bumper. On the side, we have the sliding door for ease of access into and out of the van while not much seems to have changed on the rear end of the car compared to previous models.

    Performance and engine options

    The new model comes with 2 engine varieties to choose from; 161 horsepower (hp), 2.1 liter turbo diesel engine fitted with a seven speed, automatic transmission gearbox and a 188 hp, 3.0 liter turbo diesel V-6 engine backed by a five speed automatic transmission gearbox with a further option of either rear wheel or four wheel drive.

    Preliminary test results rate the maximum output at 188 hp. With a top speed of 82 mph, the sprinter dashes from 0-60 mph in 11.6 seconds. Fuel economy is rated at 14 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 18 mpg on the highway.

    Changes and improvements in the new model

    Fuel tank for the 2016 model is slightly smaller; 24.5 gallons as opposed to 26.4 gallons in the previous models. In addition to the standard front side airbags, the new model comes with front side curtain airbags. Lastly, the optional 4x4 system now has the option of hill descent control.

    Safety features

    Safety features you can expect from the new Sprinter include some of the usual suspects such as cruise control and accident prevention. Previous models had issues in heavy crosswinds due to their broadsided structures so the manufacturer has equipped the new Sprinter with a solution to this called crosswind assist. It detects gusts of wind and applies brakes on the appropriate wheel so that the vehicle continues to travel along a straight path.

    Bottom line

    With multiple safety features, ample space for passengers and cargo, numerous technological features and an ample entertainment system, this is a car for everyone. The manufacturer has come a long way since their debut in the van market and with the new model Sprinter, Mercedes Benz just might have gotten it right again.

    Please call or text Richard (323) 209-8510 for more information.

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