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2003 Lincoln Town Car Black 120-inch Limousine #1087

$5,995 or $2995 due at signing with $279 for 18 months

Features Overview

    2003 Black 120-inch Lincoln Town Car Limousine #1087
    Make: Lincoln
    Model: Town Car
    Builder: LCW
    Size: 120-inches
    Passengers: 10
    Miles: 280,000

    $5,995 or $2995 due at signing with $279 for 18 months

    Features: Marine Vinyl top, upgraded suspension, dual batteries, dual alternators, V-8 4.6 liter Engine, rear wheel drive, tinted windows, stainless steel chrome bar, black glossy surfaces, cup holders, champagne well, ice bins, privacy divider window, heavy duty rear air conditioning and heating, dual flat screen TVs, mirrored ceiling, fiber optic color changing lights, star lights, dome courtesy lighting, charcoal black interior, AM/FM stereo with CD player.

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    The 2003 black 120-inch Lincoln town car limousine #1087 on sale at American Limousine Sales is a great investment worth consideration. This limo boasts of unique luxury and convenience features that make it stand out from competition.

    Built by LCW, this sleek limo has a stretch length of 120 inches making it a considerably large limo compared to others. It is black in color both on the outside and inside giving it a feel of power.

    A marine vinyl top, stylish chrome rims and well designed exterior lights are a major boost to the limo’s appearance. Having done only 157,000 miles the limo is still in good working condition and is an excellent choice for anyone who is a lover of Lincoln limos.

    Under the hood of the 2003 black 120-inch Lincoln town car limousine #1087 lies a powerful 4.6 liter V8 engine that hooks to an automatic transmission that connects to the rear wheels for a better driving experience.

    This powerful engine power coupled with a revamped suspension gives you peace of mind even as you cruise through difficult terrain in the suburbs. The V8 engine has been designed to be powerful yet fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

    You do not have to dig too deep into your pocket to maintain this beast on the road. Neither do you have to worry about causing too much harm to the environment as you have fun on your limo?

    It is the cabin that makes this limo a trendsetter in the class. Its cabin in comfortable, classy and entertaining. The cabin has been designed to give you everything that you need. Its major catchment is a stainless steel chrome bar.

    Honestly, this bar is one of the best I have seen in a limo. It fits the entire seat length and has everything that you need for a great party. Champagne well, cup holders and ice bins come as accessories for the bar.

    The charcoal interior of the limo generally looks glossy and stylish. Lighting is the other front where this limo wins. It comes with dome courtesy lights, star ceiling lights, and a fiber optic color changing lighting system all meant to illuminate your life.

    Heating and cooling on the cab are excellent just like the entertainment is. The dual flat screen TV’s on the cab and the powerful CD player are worth a mention.

    All these accessories are powered by a dual alternator and battery system that is designed to last long. Tint, curtains, and a privacy divider window enhance privacy on the limo. What happens on the rear cab has no way of getting out.

    The front cab which houses the driver also comes with state of the art comfort features to ensure that the driver does not miss out on the experience. For more information on this limo call (424) 258-5617
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