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2000 Lincoln Town Car 100-inch Stretch Limousine #839

Price: $5,995

Features Overview

    Selling Price $5,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $1,995 due at signing
    with $249 per month for 24 months to own.

    Features: Moon-Roof, Wood-Bar, Privacy-Divider Window, Rear AM/FM-Stereo WITH CD-Player, Surround-Sound-Stereo-System, 13" TV WITH VHS, J-Seat, Fiber-Optic Lighting, Star-Lights, Dome-Lights, Intercom -System, Dual batteries, Heavy-Duty Alternator, White Vinyl-Top, Chrome Lower Rocker-Panels.

    The Lincoln Town Car 100-inch is a modern, full-size luxury Sedan manufactured under the aegis of the world-renowned limousine brand, Lincoln. Marketed primarily in the United States and Canada, this appealing limo saw exports worldwide after 2000. Since 1981, Lincoln has released a new model every year, making them increasingly better and sophisticated.

    The third generation of Lincoln limos are more luxurious and beautiful than ever, being just perfect for a bachelor’s party, a wedding party or a luxurious night spent in the company of your friends. Whatever your needs, you will find that this limo is the perfect option to meet or even exceed your expectations.

    Buy it or Lease it

    We now offer you the option to capitalize on the benefits and features offered by the Lincoln Town Car 100-inch limousine. You can either pay $5,995 upfront to own the vehicle or lease it with $1,995 at signing and by paying another $249 on a monthly basis, over a period of 3 years.

    This beautiful limousine can be yours at a great price, for a limited time. Take advantage of our offer and become the owner of our Lincoln Town Car 100-inch limousine.

    Why Buy this Limo?

    The Lincoln Town Car 100-inch is not your average limousine. At a time when other limos just hit the market with the purpose of chasing young consumers, the Town car 100-inch was already embraced by a well-established audience.

    The exterior of this unique limo is pure white, featuring a reworked hood, quarter panel design and fenders that promote luxury and high performance. The new suspension system, steering system, brakes and structural foam placement improve the dynamics of this luxury limo and make easier to handle, resulting in an improved ride quality.

    Thanks to the reduced body roll in turns and the live-axle rear suspension, driving this limousine to the events becomes an exceptionally safe and comfortable experience.

    But that’s just the exterior and the construction. What’s more important lies in the interior, where you get to enjoy a wide range of advanced features such as fiber-optic star lights, surround stereo system, wood-bar, moon-roof, intercom system, dome lights and even a heavy duty alternator.

    The comfortable leather couches make for a perfect ride, enabling you to enjoy a glass of Martini with your friends right from the built-in wood-bar, all the while enjoying the dome lights and the glamorous fiber-optic lighting. With 139 cubic feet of interior volume, the Town Car 100-inch limousine can fit up to 15 people. The leg room stands at a comfortable 47 inches, the thick sound insulation reduce external noises at a minimum and the comfort experience is divine.

    Buy the Lincoln Town Car 100-inch Limousine Now

    By now you are probably convinced that this is the limo you want to purchase. The gorgeous Lincoln Town Car 100-inch limousine can be yours now at a very good price. Contact us now for a personalized offer by sending a text message at (323) 209-8510 and we will come back to you ASAP.

    Leverage this great opportunity today and become the lucky owner of the of the most beautiful limos ever made.

    ​Please call or text (323)209-8510.​ for more information​.

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