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2004 White International 24 passenger Party Bus #2423

Price: $19,995

Features Overview

    One of kind 2004 model Diesel engine International 3200 model custom bus for sale with Cummings engine, shell built by Coach and equipment.

    Price: $19,995
    Lease Option: 9,995 down
    with $488 a month for 36 months to own, O.A.C.

    Features: Stripper pole, hard wood floor, disco ceiling, mirrored rails, suede trim, star lights, two tone custom interior, 42" flat screen and 26" flat screen, double din stereo with CD, DVD, SD media card, USB, iPod, heavy duty air suspension, air brakes, automatic doors, steel plate entry, ice bins, cup holders, surround sound, sub woofer, and much more!

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    The 3200 chassis, which replaces the 3400 chassis, features an all-new suspension system, enhanced visibility and maneuverability and a multiplex electrical system. The 3200 also features Intuitive Shift control (an International and Allison Transmission exclusive), which allows the engine and the transmission to change transmission ratios in relation to driver input, vehicle load and driving conditions.

    The 3200 has the industry's first multiplexed electrical system, which enables one pair of wires to carry command signals for several devices and continuously monitor critical vehicle functions. This allows technicians to quickly pinpoint electrical problems. New engine complements 3200.
    To complement the 3200 chassis, International is introducing the VT 365 diesel engine, which features an Electronic Variable Response Turbocharger (EVRT) for enhanced low-speed acceleration and new digital Electra-Hydraulic Generation Two (G2) fuel-injection technology for improved fuel economy and lower emissions. The International 3200 is also available with the wet-sleeved design International DT 466 engine.

    White International 24 passenger Party Bus, #2423

    Limousine type: Party bus

    Drive: Rear wheel drive

    Exterior color: White

    Interior color: Black/ Gray

    Transmission: Automatic

    Stock: 2423

    Selling price: $19,995
    Lease option: $9,995 down payment amount with a continuous monthly installment of $488 for 36 months on an outstanding credit history, to own.
    Exclusive Features:

    Hardwood floor, Stripper pole, disco ceiling, Sued trim, mirrored rails and star lights. Two tone costume interior with 42" and 26" sets of flat plasma screen display. Double din stereo system with DVD, CD, SD media cards, iPod and USB ports. A heavy-duty air suspension, automatic doors, air brakes, steel plate entry, luxurious cup holders, ice bins, surround sound, sub-woofer to mention but a few.

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    White International 24 passenger Party Bus,

    This 3200 chassis features a unique, well-designed suspension system with enhanced maneuverability & visibility and a complex taste of electrical system: which came to replace to the 3400 chassis. An International Transmission exclusive feature, (the Intuitive Shift Control) has been included in the model to allow the engine and its transmission components an easy change in the transmission ratios between the driver input and vehicle load for efficient driving conditions.

    The complex setting of the electrical system is an epitome of the advanced technological innovation in the automotive industry. This electrical design allows transmission of command signals by one pair of compact wires among several devices with an aim of monitoring the critical functioning of the vehicle. Technicians, therefore, have an easy time locating and pinpointing any electrical or related fault within the bus.

    To complement the luxurious model, a VT 365 type of diesel engine has its place inside this 3200 chassis. The main feature of the exceptional engine is an EVRT feature enabled, (Electronic Variable Response Turbocharger) which allows for low-speed acceleration. A digital Electra-Hydraulic Generation 2, (G2) type of fuel injection technology has been equipped for lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

    With a stretch of luxury, the White International 24 passenger Party Bus deserves its good reputation in the entire automobile industry. A safe ride in this Limo commands respect from the adjacent environment as it slithers along the highway. The comfy ride is simply irresistible!

    Imagine twenty-four of you comfortably packed in this fancy vehicle heading towards a party, the color itself matching the occasion, then the brand, Limo! You are surely in for a good deal. The sub-woofers take care of your favorite music as you set off for the party.

    With a large enough custom bar to sustain 24 passengers, it occupies the entire length equivalent that of the rear cabin. Palatial cup holders are there purposely to keep your wine and champagne glass. The cup holders are strategically located in front of the cozy seats. This makes it simple and efficient to reach the glasses and serves every guest equally regardless of age.

    Nothing comes satisfactory than a luxurious limousine sold at a fair, pocket-friendly price. Don’t live in fantasy anymore; get yourself the White International 24 passenger Party Bus for a real, thrilling and extraordinary experience.

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