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2005 Freightliner Party Bus #4014 Ready To Party!

Price: $49,995

Features Overview

    Get this 2005 Tuxedo Style Freightliner Craftsman Party Bus #4014

    Selling Price $49,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $24,995 due at signing.
    $999/month for 42 months.

    Automatic transmission, restroom, hard wood floor, mirrored ceiling, fiber optic lighting, LED lighting, star lights, charcoal black ruffled seats, Island style bar in rear with champagne well, cup holder, floor lights, strobe lights, lighting dish, 12" kicker sub woofer, upgraded stereo system with amplifier and DVD player, CD player.

    iPod hook up, large ice bins, back up camera, passenger camera, automatic door, emergency exits, touch screen stereo controls, lighting controls, separate generator system, dual air conditioning system, rear luggage space, and much more!

    2005 Freightliner Party Bus #4014

    Freightliner has developed a strong reputation for being one of the world’s top companies in the world of commercial trucks. The company also makes great buses including some appealing options that are perfect for parties. The 2005 Freightliner Party Bus is an amazing model that we are proud to offer.

    The Party Bus has only 65,000 miles on its body. It is a rear wheel drive bus with an automatic transmission. It comes with a black interior to go alongside its combination black and white exterior. The color scheme creates a tuxedo-like appearance.

    It is all available with a selling price of $49,995. You can also lease to own it for $999 a month for 42 months with $24,995 due at signing. It is a strong value for a vehicle that may be used for an extensive variety of purposes and can transport tens of people if needed.

    This vehicle has plenty of great lighting features. This has an LED lighting setup that comes with some fiber optic effects to create enough small spaces for light to be generated right. The lighting dish and floor lights especially add some nice tones. This is even made with strobe light that you can trigger in terms of how fast they work. All lights can be controlled through their own special systems.

    These lights all go well with the mirrored ceiling. The hardwood floor has a light design with visible panels and continues to create a nicer tone.

    The charcoal black ruffled seats are designed with some beautiful tones that are soft and easy to relax on. These are paired with a great island-style bar in the rear area. The bar area nearby comes with its own champagne well and series of cup holders.

    Large ice bins are added to create a good storage space for chilling out drinks of all kinds. This is ideal when you consider how long it might take to get to some destinations. This makes for a great setup for when you want to get great drinks out to more people at an event.

    The island-style bar comes with a brilliant table space. The two separate bench seats around this part of the bar make for a good arrangement. It is even placed next to a window that comes with a series of blinds to help you keep the privacy in the vehicle.

    A restroom is included on this bus. This can be easy to clean out during the maintenance process. This also comes with an air circulation material to keep odors from occurring. The door can also be locked up to keep it safe.

    The stereo system is made with some of the best features around. It has a 12-inch kicker sub-woofer and an amplifier. The system has been fully upgraded to make this all the more powerful. A DVD and CD player are also included while a separate iPod hookup helps with getting you to play with more sounds. The system can also be controlled with its own touchscreen system. This system is very easy to read and isn’t too complicated or hard to use.

    For the driver, the automatic door feature is easy to trigger. This works with its own system to open this as needed. This also comes with a backup camera and even a passenger camera.

    Emergency exits are included around the opposite end of the bus. This allows for people to get out of the bus with ease if necessary.

    A dual air conditioning system is designed with multiple zones around the bus. This establishes a comfortable space as desired.

    A rear luggage space is added to secure all the things that have to be transported. This is perfect for longer trips and for getting more people out to different spots.

    Finally, this comes with its own separate generator system. This added system helps you to keep power working within the vehicle no matter what happens. This is great as it allows all parts to work including not only the features inside the cabin but also the key items used to secure the proper functioning of the vehicle.

    Check out this great Freightliner Party Bus when you’re looking to get more out of a big event. This is a popular model that has plenty of features for the driver and the passengers alike. This makes for a stunning look that anyone will have fun with.

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