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2015 White 160-inch Dodge Challenger Limousine #1258

Price: $73,995

Features Overview Video
  • 12" sub woofer
  • 1500 watt 5 channel digital amplifier
  • custom bar
  • Full Size dual rear custom made gull wing doors
  • HDTV led flat screen
  • heavy duty a/c and heating
  • Heavy-Duty Upgraded Suspension
  • led interior lighting
  • Mohawk vinyl top
  • privacy divider
  • Single window conversion
  • surround sound stereo
  • two color tone interior design.

    2015 White 160-inch Dodge Challenger Limousine for Sale #1258

    Selling Price $73,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $19,995 due at signing
    and $1,199/month for 78 months.

    Dodge Challenger Limousine
    Features: Full Size dual rear custom made gull wing doors, surround sound stereo, HDTV led flat screen, custom bar, led interior lighting, privacy divider, heavy duty upgraded suspension, heavy duty a/c and heating, single window conversion, Mohawk vinyl top, 1500 watt 5 channel digital amplifier, 12" sub woofer, two color tone interior design.

    Please call or text (323) 209-8510 for more information.

    2015 White 160-Inch Dodge Challenger Limousine #1258

    The Dodge Challenger is one of the hottest American muscle car models around. Today it has been configured into its own special 160-inch limousine model. This 2015 Dodge Challenger limo is 160 inches of space that will be perfect for all your entertainment needs.

    This is a relatively new model in that it only has 44 miles on it from test drives and inspections. This can be bought outright for $73,995. You can also lease to own this for $1,199 per month for 78 months with $19,995 due at signing.

    This powerful vehicle has an automatic transmission with a rear wheel drive system. It is very easy for the driver to handle. The engine is especially powerful enough to get the vehicle moving effortlessly. This is a great consideration when you notice how powerful the vehicle is and how much energy is needed to make it all work perfectly.

    From the outside, this comes with a bright white color. The window has a single-body design with an extended length that is easy to handle. The full-size gull wing doors have been custom made for this vehicle to create a stronger total appearance all around.

    The gull wing doors are especially unique for how they open upward. This creates a futuristic look to the limo while still offering a clear and open spot for entering into the back spot of the limo. These doors are not all that heavy either, thus ensuring they will close up properly after everyone gets in the vehicle.

    This features a two-color tone inside that features a mix of black and tan colors. These colors mix in well with each other to create a light and intimate look. The curves around the soft fabrics on the seats especially create strong lines that separate the two colors. With this, a more appealing design can be utilized.

    The tan is especially divided even further to create a series of light and dark tan tones. This adds a bit of extra detail all around.
    This vehicle has one of the most powerful stereo systems in the limo industry. The Dodge Challenger limo has a 1500-watt five-channel digital amplifier and a 12-inch sub-woofer. This is all paired with a great control system that works with an HDTC LED flat-screen television set.

    The bar area comes with a custom design. It features a few lighting effects with some color-changing points all around. The bar has a great series of cup holders and spots for storing champagne flutes. It also has a few spots for ice. The controls for the cabin’s AC and entertainment feature are not too far off from the side of the bar.

    In terms of lighting, there are plenty of LED lights all around the cabin. These lights generate plenty of nice light without being too intense or harsh.

    The privacy divider at the middle part of the vehicle comes with a good design that allows the driver and passengers to be kept separate from each other. This ensures that everyone will enjoy the ride in peace.

    The air conditioner and heater system is a heavy-duty unit. This creates enough cool or warm air that circulates around the vehicle quite well.

    Finally, this all comes with a strong suspension feature. This suspension has been upgraded dramatically from its base model to create a heavy duty control setup. This allows the vehicle to stay still while the right will be anything but rough. This is all with the comfort of the passengers in mind and to keep the bar area from bearing with more stress or pressure than needed.

    It all comes with a deep and beautiful grille that is identical to what the traditional Dodge Challenger features. This is a carefully made model that features an intense appearance that adds a good look all around and will certainly turn heads no matter where it might go.

    The 2015 Dodge Challenger limousine is a great 160-inch choice that you are bound to enjoy using for all your entertaining purposes. You should certainly consider this option when you are aiming to find a beautiful and useful limo that fits in perfectly for all the various entertaining needs you’ve got. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this model or if you want to take it for a test spin.

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