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2008 Chrysler 300 Limousine #1211 Lease To Own Today

Price: $25,995

Features Overview
  • Chrome Coach-Lights
  • Custom 20" Chrome Wheels
  • Custom Two-Color-Tone Paint and Custom Front-Grill
  • dual batteries
  • Dual Flat-Screens
  • Dual-Alternators
  • dvd player
  • Fiber-Optic Lighting
  • Floor Lights
  • Heavy-Duty Upgraded Suspension
  • privacy divider window
  • Rear Air/Conditioning
  • Rear AM/FM-Stereo WITH CD-Player
  • Single window conversion
  • Tear-Drop Ceiling-Design Star-Lights
  • Two-Tone Interior Black and Grey
  • Wood-Bars

    2008 Two-Tone Black and White 130-inch Chrysler 300 Limo for Sale

    Selling Price $25,995 or lease to own
    Lease Option: $8,495 down
    with $599/month for 48 months.

    Should you have any question please call: (310) 762-1710 OR text: (323) 209-8510.

    2008 Chrysler 300 Limousine #1211

    The 2008 Chrysler 300 limousine is a beautiful 130-inch limo version of one of the top luxury cars on the American market. This is available for sale for $25,995. You can also lease to own this vehicle for $8,495 down with payments of $599 per month for 48 months.

    The vehicle is available for you to check out right now. This will make for an appealing option for you to consider when finding a great vehicle that is carefully powered and designed with care to create a great arrangement that you are bound to enjoy having.

    This model has 104,000 miles on its body. It is a rear wheel drive limo with an automatic transmission. It is designed with an appearance that is similar to the traditional Chrysler 300 but has its own series of beautiful interior features that add to the luxury of this vehicle.

    This is a black and white 130-inch limo. The outside has a classy look that is reminiscent of the limos of old time Hollywood. It features a black tone on the top while the bottom has a white color. This is divided with a perfect diagonal line. It establishes a striking appearance that will turn heads no matter where it goes.

    The front has a detailed and dense grille while the white color can be found around the center part. The back area has a trunk space that is fully white while the black color is separate from the rest of the space, thus creating another strong attention to detail.

    The sides of the windows come with a few metal accents as well. This establishes a strong overall appearance that adds a good look all around. A single window conversion is also included to create a seamless look all around the outside of the vehicle. The metal tones add a special accent all over to create a nicer look.

    The 20-inch chrome wheels are immediately noticeable. These are also paired with chrome lights on the front to create a stronger total appearance.

    On the inside, the soft seats come with a black outside with a gray middle spot to add a better sense of detail all around. It creates a more beautiful look around the entire space to create an intense and unique look.

    The bar area comes with a nice brown wood finish. This has a great look with enough space for glasses and other items.
    There are floor lights on the bottom with fiber-optic lights all around the interior. These create some strong total appearances.
    There are also some tear-drop star lights around the ceiling. These add a beautiful night-like appearance that establishes a wonderful and memorable look all around.

    There are two flat-screen television sets in the passenger area. A DVD player links up to these to create an intense entertainment experience. The rear radio and CD player is near the DVD player and is very easy to control. These add to the entertainment features of the vehicle and will certainly be ideal for when you’re aiming to get more out of a good experience with any kind of entertainment option you might hold.

    The air conditioner and heater on the inside of this spot is especially organized with a strong setup. It generates enough air all around the entire inside of the vehicle to establish a better overall look. It creates a good atmosphere that people are bound to enjoy. The control mechanisms for the AC and heater system are easy to access and adjust too.

    Dual batteries and alternators are used to power up everything in this vehicle. This keeps the vehicle running well without any power issues involved. These have especially been tested to ensure that they work properly so you can be assured that you will have a great model that is easy to use and travel around with.

    The suspension has especially been upgraded on this model. This heavy duty suspension system has been carefully engineered to generate a powerful look all around.

    The 2008 Chrysler 300 limousine is a beautiful choice for when you’re aiming to find the most appealing limo possible. Be sure to check this option out when finding a good choice for your entertainment or transport desires. We are more than happy to offer you a closer look at what makes this stand out.

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