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2007 Chevy G3500 Party Bus #2435 Ready To Roll

Price: $29,995

Features Overview

    Price: $29,995
    Lease Option: $9,995 due at signing
    and $699 per month for 48 months.

    Chevy G3500 Party Bus
    Features: 42" flat screen TV, 26" flat screen TV, Bentley style wrap around seating, black hard wood floor, bar built in behind seat, Maybach ceiling, stainless steel mirrored rails with star lights, suede interior finish, privacy curtains, surround sound stereo system with sub woofer, black exterior, chrome wheels, tinted windows, heavy duty a/c and heating, sub woofer, gas engine.

    The Chevy g3500 party mini-bus limousine is ideal for clients who have a somewhat vintage luxury taste. It was made by Luxury Specialty Limousine Builder in 2007 and has a mileage of 216,000 miles currently. This party bus has a massive interior which makes it a great company shuttle, airport limo or school bus. The luxury bus can be yours at only $29,995 in cash or $699 per month for 48 months.

    Interior Design

    Apart from the unbelievable space found inside, this bus also has a large bar built behind the seating. It has a Bentley style wrap around the seats and a beautiful black hardwood floor. The rear cabin is close enough to the seats and has a cup holder for your drinks. There is a Maybach ceiling and stainless steel rails with star lights.

    The walls are classically finished with suede and the windows are covered with beautiful privacy curtains. For those who like their music, this luxury bus has a powerful surround system with sub-woofer and 42 inch flat screen TV. Other amazing features include air conditioning, dual-side mirrors and anti-lock disc brakes for safety.

    If the interior is stripped of all the luxury seating, what is left is a massive cargo container that is ideal for a workshop and anything else you need. It can also be customized to look the way you want with different seats, refrigerator and even a convertible bed.

    Exterior Design

    For a bus,this limousine is simply gorgeous. The exterior is black with chrome wheels, tinted windows and a long side access glass door with white stripes. Though it’s dark on the outside, the interior is pretty spruced up and feels like home.

    It has a great lighting system inside to ensure everyone is comfortable. The black color also makes it seem smaller than it really is and this is a good thing. It has rounded edges, flush side glass and high-mounted tail-lights on the sides. For those who want to use it as a cargo van, extra compartments can be installed to offer a couple of real-door options.


    The Chevy g3500 party bus performs even better than it looks. It has a powerful 5.3 V8 gasoline engine and high quality transmission oil cooler. This engine gives 295horsepower and 335 lb. of torque. The bus has amazing towing capabilities and has an optional 4-wheel drive. It has the ability to handle a very heavy load and 15 passengers without shedding a sweat.

    The greatest thing about the Chevrolet express 3500 is that it is versatile. With a seating capacity of 15 people, one can take their entire family camping and use the van to sleep instead of tents. The space inside the bus and the back can fit several blow-up mattresses comfortably. For retired and adventurous people, this van can also be someone’s mobile home if they install a safe stove.

    If it is well maintained and modified to fit the owners need, the Chevy g3500 party bus is a real dream vehicle. Since it is built with strong and original material, this luxury bus is able to cruise through any weather and road without problems. However, it requires good quality wheels that will match the vehicle itself and last long.

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