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2007 Black 72-inch Lincoln Town Car limousine for sale #7235

Price: $9,995

Features Overview

    2007 Black 72-inch Lincoln Town Car limousine for sale #7235
    Make: Lincoln
    Model: Town Car
    Stretch size: 72-inches
    Passengers: 6
    Builder: Federal Coach
    Miles: 135,000

    2995 due at signing and 299 per month for 48 months

    Features: V-8 4.6 liter rear wheel drive, gas engine, rear air bag suspension, upgraded air conditioning and heating, alloy wheels, vinyl top, tinted window, privacy divider, charcoal black interior, fabric headliner, wood finished bars, ice bins, cup holders, liqueur decanter storage, fold due at signing center arm rest with cup holders, carpet flooring, rear am/fm stereo with cd player, dual flat screen tvs, mirrored bars with star lights, courtesy mood lighting.

    2007 Black 72-Inch Lincoln Town Car Limousine For Sale #7235

    You’ll impress anyone you pick up from the airport or for a prom with the 2007 72-inch Lincoln Town Car.

    This is a beautiful six-passenger limo that is designed with a body based off of one of the most popular luxury cars on the market.

    This is a 2007 model that was made by Federal Coach. It has 135,000 miles on its rear wheel drive engine. This also uses an automatic transmission so it will move quickly without having to worry about
    shifting the vehicle on occasion.

    The outside part of the vehicle has a black exterior. This offers a stunning appearance with a shiny metallic grille just like what is found on the standard Town Car limo. This offers an appealing design that
    makes the limo distinguishable from others out on the street.

    This beautiful limo has a 4.6L V8 gas engine. This uses a rear air bag suspension and alloy wheels as well.

    The driver’s area is designed with soft seats with a charcoal black interior. A fabric headliner is also included with some wooden accents around the cabin. The area has a strong air conditioner and heater
    that has been upgraded to improve its total performance.

    The passenger area has the same charcoal black interior with added wood accents all around. The air conditioner for the passengers has also been upgraded. This is all made with a vinyl top and tinted windows.

    The windows have a few dividers around the sides of the limo. These are used to support added lights and other features to make the inside of the cabin a little brighter.

    The privacy divider on the inside also allows the two areas to be set apart so the driver can keep on working while the passengers will be ensured their fully privacy. The divider can be moved up or due at signing
    with the push of a button.

    The bar areas have some great wood finished features all around to create a stronger total look.

    The wood finished bars are paired with ice bins and cup holders. A liquor decanter storage spot is also found in this area. The smooth surface around the area is easy to use and clean off as necessary.

    The bar has a good flat space for placing drinks and mixes in well with the two bench seats in the passenger area. A fold due at signing center arm rest is included on a bench seat with cup holders added for the
    convenience of the passengers.

    The bars also come with some mirrored features with star lights all around. The courtesy mood lighting also makes it to where the bars will be shiny and beautiful without any distracting points all around.
    This should provide anyone with a comfortable look all around.

    Carpeted flooring is found around the entire limo. This space offers a comfortable surface that is enjoyable for all people to be in.

    The entertainment features on the inside are also designed with some appealing control features and plenty of well laid out spots. There are two flat screen television sets built into the bar with one of them
    being right around the bar area.

    Their control features are right along their bodies so it should be very easy for people to get these controlled in accordance with their needs.

    These television sets are also paired with a rear AM/FM stereo. It includes a CD player that is easy to load up and adjust as desired. A digital display is used to show what is working within the player to make
    it a little easier to run and utilize.

    This all works with a strong total appearance that makes the limo more
    entertaining for everyone.

    The 2007 Lincoln Town Car 72-inch limo is an ideal option for all to look forward to driving around with or riding in. This has a great setup that is organized with plenty of luxurious features all around and will
    certainly entertain anyone who needs a good drive.

    Be sure to check this option out when you’re looking
    for a beautiful limo.

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